Zombeh Attack is the first installment in Edd's "Zombeh Attack" Trilogy. It was inspired by The Evil Dead and Shaun of the Dead.


The film starts with Edd, Tom, Matt and Tord in a van driving down a dark road while the theme tune from Shaun of the Dead plays in the background. Then the van crashes into a survivor which causes the van to flip into the air and they end in a cemetery and the car gets broken. So Edd decides to go into the nearby town of Bittensborugh. While walking through, Matt decides to ask a Zombie (also known as a Zombeh) for directions, which causes him to get his arm bitten off. Edd decides to ditch Matt, with Tom and Tord soon following. They stop to catch their breath, but then they all see a massive horde of Zombehs crowded round a petrol station. The Zombehs see them and start to slowly walk towards them. Edd just decides to run away again and Tom and Tord agree with him.

Tord then explains that they need a safe base to hide in, which also needs to be camouflaged. They decide to hide in a portapotty. Edd then says they need weapons, so Tom looks out the hatch on the top of the portapotty and looks out for some places where they could find weapons. Out of a weapons shop, a knives and weapons shop and the local Mall, Tom picks the Mall. A montage of weapon shopping is then shown. Edd gets a chainsaw, Tom gets a shovel, and Tord almost gets a gun, until Edd and Tom change it for a fork and a spoon. Then Tord explains that they need to attack the Zombehs by surprise and then they all jump out, ready for battle. But then they realise that no one's there. With shocked expressions on their faces, Tom collects the repair kit for the van, and when they turn round, however, the Zombeh horde is there, and the leader of the horde is none other than Matt who is now a Zombeh himself. Edd is shocked and confused, but Matt explains that he was bored of laying there while festering. Matt then orders the other Zombehs to attack.

Edd, Tom and Tord then start to kill all the zombehs, but in the process, Tord gets bitten. However, Edd seems to care more that the Coke Machine was broken, before Edd and Tom run away to the Van and drive out of the cemetery. Zombeh Tord then stands up in the back seat, and lunges at them.

Removal from YouTube

Zombeh Attack was removed from YouTube in March of 2014 due to copyright infringement. It, as well as a few other episodes have been remastered, and re-released on the Eddsworld Legacy channel as of March 16, 2016. The original version is still available on Newgrounds.


  • This is the first episode of Eddsworld to feature all four of the main cast.
  • The hat on the globe on the Eddsworld logo is reference to the movie 'Wayne's World" which Edd Gould got the inspiration for the name "Eddsworld".
  • One of the graves in the graveyard scene is labelled "RIP OSX". This is a reference to the Mac OS X computer series.
  • The scene showing Matt's arm being bitten off up and the gang running away was featured again in WTFuture, along with an additional scene showing Matt on the ground asking Edd's future self for help. Tord returned to do the voice of himself.
  • When Tord shouts "Oh my God! They're getting closer!", the captions flash for a split second.
  • When planning out the strategy of how to attack the zombehs, Tord says he would take the left, but the captions say the right.
  • The zombehs have green mouths, yet the zombeh that attacks Matt has a normal, red mouth. For some reason, this error remained unfixed on WTFuture.
  • The petrol station is called 'Smell', a reference to the Shell oil company.
  • Just after Tord says "Oh my God! They're getting closer!", Edd's pants are blue. However, when the camera first shows Edd, Tom and Tord hiding in the portapotty, his pants change to a light green.
  • There is a prototype version of the intro in Edd's DeviantArt scraps section, the only difference being that the "Eddsworld" logo is coloured blood red instead of green.
  • The car the gang is driving is labelled "the EW mobile".


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