Eddsworld Zombeh Attack

Zombeh Attack 1

The film starts with Edd, Tom, Matt and Tord in a Van driving down a dark road while the theme tune from Shaun of the Dead plays in the background. Then the van crashes into a Zombie (also known as a Zombeh) which causes the van to flip into the air and crash into a cemetery and the car broken. So Edd decides to go into the nearby town, Bittensborugh. While walking through, Matt decides to ask a Zombeh for directions, which causes him to get his arm bitten off. Tord then says "Oh my god, he bit off his arm." Edd decides to run away and Tom and Tord soon follow. Then Edd, Tom and Tord stopped and rest for a short while but then they all see that a massive crowd of Zombehs were crowded round a petrol station. Then the Zombehs see them and start to slowly walk towards them and Tord says " OH MY GOD THEY'RE GETTING CLOSER!" Edd just decides to run away again and Tom and Tord agree. Tord then exclaims that they need a safe base to hide in which also needs to be camouflaged. They're only decision is a Portaloo. To make it camouflage, they write NO BRAINS HEER and an OUT OF ORDER sign on the front. Edd then says they need weapons, so Tom looks out the hatch on the top of the Portaloo and looks out for some places where they could find weapons. Out of a Weapons shop, a Knives and Weapons shop and the Mall, Tom picks the Mall. Then Tom looks back into the Portaloo and says in a high- pitched, ladies voice, "LETS GO LOOTING!" Then after a long awkward silence, Edd says "Okay." Then it goes to a montage of Tom, Tord, and Edd picking out weapons. Edd gets a chainsaw, Tom gets a shovel, and Tord almost gets a gun, until Edd and Tom change it for a fork and a spoon. Then Tord explains that they need to attack the Zombehs by surprise and then they all jump out, ready for battle. But then they realize that no ones there. With shocked expressions on they're faces, Tom collects the repair kit for the van, and when they turn round, the Zombeh crowd is there, and the leader of the crowd is none other than Matt (Now a Zombeh himself). Edd: Matt?! Matt: Indubitably. Edd: But why? Matt: Getting kind of bored there, lying face down in a gutter...festering. Then Edd, Tom and Tord have the shocked expressions on they're faces again. Matt then orders the other Zombehs (acquaintances) to attack. Edd, Tom and Tord then start to kill all the zombehs, in the process, Tord gets bitten. Edd: NOOOOOOOOOO! (shot of Tord being eaten by a Zombeh, then shot pulls out revealing that there are some Zombehs attacking a Coca cola vending machine) Edd: Not the Coke Machine! Then Edd and Tom run away to the Van and then they drive out of the cemetary. Then a shadowy figure stands up in the Back seat. Tom:! It's...T-t-t-t-t-t-t-Tord! Then Tord comes into bite Edd and Tom and then the credits roll.

Zombeh Attack 2

Edd, Tom and a random widow all show up to Tord's funeral. After Edd puts the weapons Tord used to fend off
Eddsworld Zombeh Attack 2
the zombehs above his grave (a fork and spoon) and leaves, a stroke of lightning hits Tord's grave and he is resurrected. He goes seeking help from Edd to find the Necronomicon that would cure the zombeh curse that was spread on his corpse. At first Edd was deniant about the whole thing, but he later agreed as Tord threatened to eat his brains. Meanwhile, God somehow rose Matt, who was also dead, from his grave, and later Matt seeked help from Tom to find the Necronomicon as well. And Tom must have puked on Matt's shoes (hopefully). Later Edd and Tord went into Edd's car, where Tord accidentally slammed the door on his leg, rendering him with only one leg for the rest of the episode. He later notices Kim and Katya, the two lesbians from "The Dudette Next Door", who have turned into zombies, and Edd runs over both of them with his car, probably as revenge that they hadn't been girlfriends of him and Tord. Later Edd and Tord notice Tom and Matt walking across the street. Edd tries to run over Matt, but hits a concrete wall, meaning they had to walk the rest of the way. They then try to take a shortcut, which is later realized to be infested by zombies. Edd and Tord defeat most of them, but realize they were outnumbered, so they run away. Meanwhile Tom and Matt are on their way to the necronomicon's resting place, but Matt eats every survivor that comes to them. They later arrive, but they notice that there are three books, which surprised Matt. A random hunter took one book, which decapitated him. Matt opened the second one, but was sucked into the book. That was when Edd and Tord arrived, wondering where Matt was. Tord takes the third book, says the magic words (which were engraved in his tombstone), and his spirit is released. Tom and Edd go home to get Tom drunk, but after they leave, Matt returns for revenge. To be continued...
Private brains

Matt and "Private Brains" in Zombeh Attack 3


  • Tord and Matt are somehow buried in cemetery when in the last zombeh attack at the end Tord was already a zombeh and ready to pounce on Edd and Tom. Perhaps they killed him in a unseen adventure? But how Matt got there is unclear.

Zombeh Attack 3

The episode starts with Tom giving a brief summary of the previous two episodes in the trilogy. Edd is asleep at his house when a skeleton wearing a tattered red hoodie appears at the foot of the bed. The skeleton wakes up Edd and tells him Matt has escaped and is trying to destroy the town. Edd goes to Tom's apartment for help.
Eddsworld Zombeh Attack 3
After using a very humiliating password to get in, Edd sees the skeleton lying on the floor after Tom got so scared he shot it with a rifle. Edd tells Tom to get a weapon. Meanwhile, Matt has created a whole army of zombies. A bystander walks up to Matt, and he eats him. Edd and Tom are hiding behind a cluster of garbage cans and are discussing their plan of attack. Tom suggests he throw Molotov cocktails to one side of the hoard to cause them to divert down an alley. Edd will ambush them there, and Tom will come in with his duel pistols. Edd dashes to the alley, and finds out Tom drank all the alcohol. Edd says no. Zombie General Matt is talking wih a zombie. He finds a pile of bones and put an arm where his used to be. (It got bitten off in Eddsworld Zombeh Attack) Tom and Edd play a few rounds of Rock Paper Scissors. Tom then decides to just attack. The duo come out and start demolishing the zombies. Edd grabs a rubber chicken and smacks Matt's face into a conveniently-placed cheese fondue set. Matt collapses and sees his arm, and then sighs in disappointment. Tom sighs with relief, but then realizes he got bitten. So did Edd. The camera slowly zooms out. Matt suddenly pops up and yells "Boogity boogity brains!" Edd: "Well, that killed the mood."


  • The trilogy was inspired by the Evil dead trilogy, and Ash from the evil dead trilogy makes an appearance in Zombeh Attack 2, where he picks the wrong book and his head explodes
  • The trilogy is also inspired by Shaun of the Dead, the shaun of the dead theme tune is used, as well as the Gonk music
  • When zombeh Matt talks to "pvt brains" he tells her to get a hair cut and turns around then looks back saying"and some highlights" after that when Matt gets his new arm on and says"groovy" pvt brains is in the background with different hair and pink highlights
  • The town the group goes in on Zombeh Attack 1 is called Bittensborough.
  • The ladies voice Tom uses in Zombeh Attack 1 is the same one used for Spares, however, the film was shown three years later.
  • The scene of when Matt got his arm bitten off is shown again in WTFuture when Future Edd travels back in time, in search for an army of Edds.
  • It is possible that Future Edd's refusal to help Matt was what caused him to attack the past Eddsworld group in the first place, thus possibly creating a Predestination Paradox.
  • In the first Zombeh Attack, Tord wears a black hoodie, yet after that, he wears his red one...
  • The magic words in Zombeh Attack 2 is "Drawde rac, ruoy ni m'I". If you record this on a Nintendo DSi and listen to it backwards, he'll say "I'm in your car Edward", a quote which Tord says earlier in this episode.
    Zombeh Attack I
  • The series may scare kids by kids under the age of 5