Zombeh Attack 2 is the second installment of the Eddsworld Zombeh Attack trilogy.


In the beginning, Edd, Tom and an unknown woman attend Tord's funeral. After a while, the priest, the woman and Tom leave and Edd is left alone with the grave. He puts Tord's spoon and fork that he used in the first Zombeh Attack on his grave, and Edd walks back to his house. Suddenly, lightning strikes Tord's spoon and fork, making Tord rise from his grave. After Tord rises from his grave, he walks to Edd's house. Shocked to find out that it was Tord calling him, Tord enters Edd's car forcing Edd to let him in. Tord reveals that he needs the help of Edd to find the necronomicon, and if Edd doesn't help, he will eat his brains. The two both get into Edd's car, but Tord accidentally tears one of his legs off by slamming the car door on it. They then travel to Bittensborugh, running over Zombeh Kim and Katya on the way.

Meanwhile, Matt rises from his grave and goes to a drunk Tom for help. While explaining, Tom throws up on his shoes and apologizes. When Edd and Tord see Matt and Tom in the streets of Bittensborugh, Edd accidentally drives the car into a building in an attempt to run Matt over. This breaks the windshield. Realising that Matt is after the necronomicon, Tord wants to beat Matt to the necronomicon so Edd suggests a shortcut through an alley. On their way to the necronomicon, Edd and Tord come across a horde of zombehs. After engaging in combat for a short moment, they run away from the fight.

Meanwhile, back with Tom and Matt, Psycosis asks for Tom and Matt's help, but Matt eats him instead. Tom gets annoyed and questions what Matt is doing. Later on, Matt and Tom arrive at the place where the necronomicon is located. Matt is insulted to see there are actually three necronomicons (two of which are fake). Before he can open one, Ash Williams steals it from him and opens it, causing his head to explode and sending blood into Tom's face. Matt chooses another book but it sucks him in. When Edd and Tord arrived, Edd asked Tom where Matt went. Meanwhile, Tord opens the remaining book and says magic words. After saying the magic words, spiritual hands cover Tord and Tord's spirit is free to leave its corpse in peace. Edd is sad to see Tord go. Tom then tells Edd to get him drunk. The two walk away. Suddenly Matt's hand punches his way out of the book he was sucked into.

Eddsworld Zombeh Attack Trilogy
Zombeh Attack 1 - Zombeh Attack 2- Zombeh Attack 3
Zombeh Episodes
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  • This is the first appearance of Psycosis.
  • The inscription on Matt's grave reads "I decompose in your general direction!" - a reference to "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" ("I fart in your general direction!").
  • This is the only Zombeh eddisode in the Zombeh Attack Trilogy to be rated T for Teen on Newgrounds. The other three (including Zombeh Nation) are rated M for Mature.
  • This eddisode parodies the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis from the "Evil Dead" movies.
  • The scene with the three books is a parody of a similar scene from the third Evil Dead movie "Army of Darkness", which involved Ash having to choose between three necronomicons.
  • When Tord puts the shotgun in a zombeh's mouth, it may be a reference to the Eddsworld Halloween Short, where Ash Williams kills Matt by putting his shotgun in his mouth before blowing his head off.
  • When Matt rises from his grave, a reference to Altered Beast from SEGA is made, when the character you play as is risen from his grave by Zeus.
  • The scene where Edd crashes his car into a wall attempting to hit Matt as he crosses the road is a reference to a similar scene from Pulp Fiction
  • The magic words that Tord said are "I'm in your car, Edward" backwards.
  • There is one Zombeh drawn by Paul ter Voorde.
  • In the credits, the song "Ghost Town" by The Specials actually says "The supernaturals - Ghost town". This was probably a mistake on Edd's part.

Animation and Continuity Errors

  • When Edd opens the door for Tord, he is wearing his green hoodie instead of the grey shirt that he was previously wearing.
  • Tord's hoodie is stained with blood after killing, even though it's already stained with blood.
  • Tord was buried with his red hoodie, despite wearing his black jacket when he was transformed into a Zombeh.
  • Tord had two eyes as a zombeh in Zombeh Attack 1, but he has only one eye in this Eddisode.

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