Zanta Claws III is an Eddisode released on December 22, 2010. It is the third episode in the Zanta Series. It features Edd, Matt, Santa, and Zanta Claws saving Christmas from Tom who's out to destroy the holiday. This is also the final episode (excluding Christmas Eddventure) to feature Zanta Claws.


Edd and Matt are decorating their Christmas tree, with Matt gratuitously biting into an ornament, when they heard a gunshot. They go outside to find a drunken Tom armed with a sniper rifle. Edd and Matt tell him that they're tired of Tom doing this every year; he retaliates only to lose balance and fall from the roof. He, somehow having recovered from his injuries, walks away from the house calling everything stupid under his breath. He runs into Zanta, who greets him while leaning by his sleigh.

Zanta takes Tom for a ride on his sleigh. He notices Tom's hatred for Christmas, and proposes an anti-Christmas alliance. Tom, however, drops Zanta from his sleigh right before he finishes his sentence, and takes over the sleigh. Meanwhile, Edd and Matt wrap their Christmas tree with fireproof tinsel when a blazing log burns the tree. Edd and Matt run into Zanta, eating a bystander's brains (Mike), and blame him for the attack. Zanta proves them otherwise by pointing out the destruction afar, courtesy of Tom. Tom proceeds to wreck a family's house.

Edd, Matt, and Zanta Claws are spending time together while trying to figure out how to save Christmas. Edd deduces that this is time where Santa usually steps in, while Tom shoots down Santa; Santa joins the gang afterwards. When Edd asks him how they could save Christmas, Santa doesn't have any good ideas. Zanta decides to call Bing the evil director, who drops a huge crate. The crate opens up to reveal a van. The team steps in, and the van transforms into a Boxmas Bot. The team fights Tom while they sing along to a rap. As the fight drags on, culminating with Zanta and Tom engaging in a guitar duel and getting physical, Santa gets impatient and orders Matt and Edd to shoot them both.

After the fight, Tom gets put in a corner, while in a full-body cast. Meanwhile, Zanta reveals that he hated Christmas since he died and Santa took his place, thus explaining his prior destruction. He decides to be dead again and buries himself in Edd's house. The episode ends with everyone laughing at Edd's pun while an angry Tom mutters something under his cast.

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  • This is the last Christmas eddisode created by Edd Gould before he passed away.
  • This was the second out of three episodes co-written by Tom Bown, the other two being Hammer & Fail Parts 1 and 2.
  • Some segments in this episode were animated by Paul ter Voorde. These segments including:
    • Tom jumping on the tree, throwing socks into the fireplace, kicking gifts, and walking out shutting the door behind him.
    • All the lip synching in the "Christmas Demolition" sequence (except Santa's, which was done by Edd).
    • Zanta going back into his grave.
  • When Matt points out that Tom's "hating Christmas" stick is getting old, the second floor window on the roof is gone.
  • When the flaming log rolls in through the window of Edd's house, despite having a branch sticking out, it does not stop rolling.
  • This episode takes place after the events of Hammer & Fail (Part 1, Rival Builders) and Hammer & Fail (Part 2, Rooftop Rumble) since the second floor is seen in this episode, even though this episode came out before Hammer & Fail (Part 2, Rooftop Rumble).
  • There are two Tomee Bears in this episode: a giant one in the family's house wearing a Santa suit and hat and a Tomee Bear next to the couch at the end.
  • On the TV in the family's house, it says "The Queen's Speech, sponcered by Uncle Susan's Adult Diapers."
  • The stockings on the fireplace say Girl, Boy, Mum, and Dad.
  • While Edd and the gang are thinking of a way to save Christmas, Edd notices Zanta is wearing a red hoodie. This might be a reference to how Zanta wanted to take Tord's place in Zanta Claws II (or maybe Tord left one of his hoodies behind by mistake).
    • Also, at the start of the scene Matt has his overcoat off. But when he goes to look out the window, his overcoat is back on.
  • The box Bing delivered says "TOP SECRET DO NOT TOUCH, especially you John."
  • When everyone goes inside the van, Edd can be heard shouting "Broccoli!" This is a refrence to the eddisode Hello Hellhole where Edd would randomly shout "Broccoli!" everytime he entered/exited the Hellavator.
  • The button iniside the Boxmas Bot says Weapon Z, a possible reference to the Z gear from Zanta Claws II.
  • The mug Matt holds at the end says "Don't Mug Me", just like the mug Shoe had in MovieMakers.
  • The ending marks the second time Tom is seen in a full bodied cast and wheelchair. The first was in an Eddsworld Comic when Matt had run over him in his car.
  • At one point during the conversation between Tom and Zanta, Tom has eyes for no apparent reason.
    • In all three Zanta episodes, Tom was seen with eyes.
  • After Zanta buries himself in Edd's living room, Matt says "Is he going to be like that forever?" suggesting this is the last Zanta Claws movie.
  • Matt makes a Chris Crocker reference in this by saying leave christmas alone in Chris Crocker's style.
  • This makes Edd's statement from Zanta Claws 1 ("Didn't the real Santa die centuries ago?") true, as Zanta is the "real" Santa Claus who had died many years ago.
  • When Tom gets punched by Zanta, he has his blue hoodie on instead of the Santa suit.
  • This is the second episode when anybody has their brains showing, the first being Eddsworld Halloween Special 2007.
  • Whenever a scene shows Zanta's sleigh, the objects and weaponry in the back of the sleigh seem to change position.
  • When Matt states that Tom is literally destroying Christmas, Edd yells,"Yeah, literally!" but then asks Matt what literally means.
  • The Christmas Demolition Song is available on iTunes.
  • Much of this episode has animation done in a style of Traditional Animation. One example is the scene when Tom was trashing a random family's house and another is when Zanta goes back to being dead.
  • When Tom is in the sleigh, along with 3 bags of gifts, there is a large bomb.
  • At the begging when Matt 'eats' the ornament, there is no possible way the ornament could have splattered on Matt's face, unless there is a liquid inside of the ornament.
    • Then again, the liquid is red, meaning it could be blood, as the shards impaled Matt's tongue. He doesn't seem to be fazed by the injury.
  • When Tom is on the roof of the house near the beginning, there are two bottles buried in the snow.
  • When Tom and Zanta are in the sleigh, and Zanta's head rips apart, a few flies fly out of his brain.
  • After Zanta falls off the sleigh and Edd and Matt are talking to him, his clothes are no longer ripped.
  • When Edd askes Santa for how to save Christmas, and he answers, 'Festive Spirit?' one of his black gloves appear to be brown.
  • During the fight between Zanta and Tom, you can hear the words "Christmas Demolition" being sung, which is referenced as the title of the video "Christmas Demolition" on Tom's own YouTube channel, Tomska.
  • The rap battle song was written and created by Twintapes.
  • Zanta's phone has a flower on it.
  • It is not known how Tom changed clothes so quickly (or, more rightly, found Zanta's jumper).
  • The guitar battle between Zanta Claws and Tom is a reference to Guitar Hero 3: Legends Of Rock, when you take on several well-known guitarists.

Christmas Demolition Lyrics

I feel evil, haunted, controlled, possessed
And everything I'm doing is illegal, I know! {C
Call it a Christmas upheaval, press charges on my alter ego!

I do not sing along to your stupid songs
Silent night, take a hike!
Jingle bells, go to hell!

I'm just like a poisonous snake, overflowed with hate
Make NO mistake, there is NO escape!
I will blow up this place, make a mess of your face,
and what's left of you, there will be no trace!

(Tom fires a missile at the Christmas Tree in the town square)

It's a Christmas demolition!

(Edd presses weapon Z, which fires missiles out the Boxmas Bot's chest, though Tom strategically avoids them.)

It's a Christmas Demolition!

I know you're not a Christmas fanatic
but you're being problematic and slightly dramatic!

You blew up the reindeer, you act like a punk
Every time you get drunk, we put up with this junk!

Word on the street is I'm losing my funk
My cool, my flow, my HOHOHO...
But we can't let you steal the show.

(Zanta is fired onto the sled and has a guitar duel with Tom while the chorus plays)

(Tom and Zanta play guitars)


Matt: Hey, uh, everyone, aren't they both bad guys?

Santa: Shoot the suckers.

Zanta: Uh-oh


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