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Zanta Claws
Zanta Claws

You better watch out. You better not die.

Created By

Edd Gould

Written By

Edd Gould
Tom Ridgewell


Edd Gould as Edd
Tom Ridgewell as Tom
Tord Larsson as Tord
Matt Hargreaves as Matt

Guest Starring

Lindsay as herself
Toma Moto as Zanta Claws and Santa Claus
Psyguy as squished bug
Bogswallop as Milkman


Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Sam,Andy, and Matt-Jingle Bells
Tomska-Gremlins Christmas
Turkey in the Straw
Coca Cola-Holidays are Coming
Attaboy Skip-Ghostbusters

Special Thanks

Coca Cola

Preceded By

Eddsworld Halloween Special 2007

Succeeded By


Zanta Claws was the 2007 Eddsworld Christmas Special. The episode was released on December 21, 2007. It was the first episode to feature Zanta Claws, a recurring Christmas villain character.


Edd comes home from a grocery store and notices Tom armed with a bazooka sitting on the roof with bear traps lying around. Tom is looking around for Santa Claus, who, according to Edd, died years ago. As Tom zooms in on Santa, he looks dire and urges Edd to quickly get inside the house. Edd goes in and stands around with Matt and Tord while Tom fights Santa Claus and loses, much to the puzzlement of the gang. It turns out he was actually shooting at Zanta Claws instead of Santa.

Tom sees Zanta land on the roof of a house and Edd suggests they take a closer look. They quietly sneak up to a window and see Zanta placing presents under the tree. When a girl and her brother notice "Santa", Zanta approaches them and assures that they are on the nice list, except for the brother, whose head he proceeds to devour. After Zanta finishes his meal, he gives the girl a Tomee Bear. Tord concludes that Zanta eats the naughty children. Edd says they should be safe, but everyone gives him a terrified look.

Zanta Claws lands behind the gang and tells them that he know's when they're awake, causing Edd to say that they've been "relatively good this year." Zanta proves otherwise by stating that Matt is a murderer by stepping on a bug, Tord has participated in a paintball match with real guns, causing him to smirk; Tom has eaten a pie he was not supposed to (while showing him the said pie), and Edd hasn't thanked his milkman, who apparently drove off a cliff to his death, for a Christmas card.

Zanta prepares to eat the gang's heads, but some Coca-Cola trucks drive by to save them. After they comment on this close call, Zanta states that they won't be getting away very easily, while getting hit by tree branches. As Zanta approaches the gang, Santa intervenes, much to Tom's surprise. Santa punches Zanta off the trucks, and gives the gang presents, saying that they earned them, even though, according to Edd, they haven't done anything to get them. Edd gets some comics, Matt a purple hoodie (which he wears in future episodes), Tord some Zom-B Gone, and Tom a bottle of Diet Smirnoff, prompting Tom to pull out his bazooka and shoot at Santa.

Zanta Claws Episodes
Zanta Claws - Zanta Claws II - Zanta Claws III


  • The little girl is voiced by (and based on) Deyo Newland (Credited as 'Lindsay'), a fan and friend of Edd's.
    • The dog slippers are a reference to Deyo's original character 'Deyogee', who first made their debut on his sheezyart account back in 2007. Deyogee is also seen in the vending machine in Spares.
    • The little girl is wearing a button that says "I <3 M@", an abbreviation of "I love Matt", a reference to the crush they had on Matt in real life. There is a brief nod to this on a shirt worn by Matt which can be seen in the intro song created in 2011.
  • Zanta gives a Tomee Bear to the little girl as a present.
  • Matt is given a purple hoodie which he starts wearing for the rest of the series instead of the black hoodie.
  • Edd states at the beginning of the episode that he thought Santa was dead for centuries, even though he saw him in the flesh three years ago. This Santa must be the one who replaced the other Santa years ago.
  • While arguing with Zanta that Tom didn't eat the pie, Tom suddenly has real eyes for a few seconds. In every "Zanta Claws" episode, Tom mysteriously has real eyes at random moments. The reason is unknown.
  • The line "I just stated the obvious. Oh, look, a chair!"  is a reference to Tom's Tales Of Awesome.
  • When everyone is watching through the window, Tom looks from the top of window upside down and then falls down to the ground. This also happened in the Eddsworld Christmas Special 2004 when Tom falls down from the top of door when Edd and Tord were looking through the door to see Santa Claus.
  • The bear traps on the roof are later referenced in Zanta Claws II and Space Face.
  • This is the second episode to have non-human anthropomorphic characters. This one has the bug who went screaming to death. The first flash was Hello Hellhole.
  • Tord has only two lines in the episode
  • The names seen on Zanta's nice list are Chiara, Steve, Bart, George, Coco and Allyssa.
  • It's assumed Tom's Holy line was either "Holy Happy Holidays in a hat" or "Holy Happy Holidays in a Hair Salon".
  • Tom had 5 appearences in this flash with ears. First being on the roof, second being him spotting Zanta Claws stopping at a house, stating the obvious, and spotting a chair, third when Zanta Claws jumped behind them, fourth being when he was holding the pie, and last when the four were on the Coca-Cola truck, a Cola can randomly popped in front of Edd, and Edd drank it.
  • This is the only Zanta Clause eddisode with Tord in it. However, Tord is mentioned in Zanta Claws 2 when Zanta asked Edd to replace him, but Edd refuses.
  • The "Zom -B Gone" Is a possible refrence to Zombeh Attack 2 when Tord turns into a Zombie

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