When the Best of the Worst Collide is an early flash short made by Edd Gould.


The video begins with two stick figures fighting with musical items then one of them dies, comes back and turns into Edd. They continue to fight then the other stickman turns into Tom. Then Edd cuts off Tom's arm but it comes back and Tom kills Edd with a Pole. Then Edd's body disappears then he comes back with a shotgun and points it at Tom. Just as he starts shooting, a message pops up saying that due to lack of funding, the next scene will be played in bad quality. The guys promptly turn into bad quality drawings and it shows Edd shooting Tom then another message says that the rest of the video will be done by sock puppets. Edd bats his sock puppet at Tom's but Tom punches him so the movie ends with them still fighting during the credits.


  • This is the first movie with Tom.
  • When they turn into bad quality drawings, Edd's shotgun inexplicably changes into an Uzi.
  • Tom was voiced by Edd in this movie.
  • This was Edd's third video posted on his site.
  • The original title of the movie was Edd Vs. Tom.
  • This was a collab between Edd Gould and Tom Ridgewell. Tom animated his own character.

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