Matt was turned into a vampire in the episode Matt Sucks. He is quite possibly the worst vampire in the world. Vampire Matt wears a black cloak and has white skin, pointy ears, sharp fangs and big red eyes.

He has the abilty to fly but can't land very well, an example being when he fell on and killed a bat. Like most vampires, he can be killed by sunlight.


His only appearance is Matt Sucks. One Halloween night, Matt is out trick or treating, when he spots what he thinks is somebody dressed as a vampire. Matt then offends the vampire with a sarcastic comment about the originality of the costume, so it bites him and walks off.

Matt wakes up as a vampire,after stating 'I'm a vampire, omnomnomnonnom" and decides to go kill Edd, but ends up walking into a mirror that is placed behind when he forgets vampires don't have reflections. Before he can bite Edd, Edd makes him have dinner and a movie first. During the movie, Matt tries to bite Edd, but Edd tells him to be quiet.

Later he sees what he believes to be Tom's sillouette on the computer, so he bites it but only to discover that it is a pile of Garlic and burns his mouth. But this makes Tom realise Matt is a vampire.

Edd and Tom accidentally kill each other with the Mega Stake Machine Gun, which was meant for Matt. So then Matt finds Edd and Tom's dead bodies and complains that he didn't get to kill them. Instead, forgetting that he is a vampire, he idiotically decides to go for a walk because it looks like a nice day. Matt then ends up exploding in the sunlight. Then says "Oh well, at least Edd's dead".