Tom just posted an update to his Tumblr page on what's going on with Eddsworld. You can read it here.

Just a little update to Eddsworld. I’m sorry it’s not to exciting but here goes! 1) Matt has been powering through the unsent Legacy merch. He’s sent everything we had in stock and soon we’ll be formally asking everyone who got lost in the system what they’re missing (along with a big fat “I’m sorry” and the offer of a refund). 2) Kried is busy animating “PowerEdd” like a stud. 3) ElliotExplicit is helping us out to put the soundscapes together. We have 3 upcoming Eddisodes fully scripted and recorded and waiting to be compiled and animated. 4) Eddie and I are half way though writing “The End” which will be the final instalment of the Legacy eddisodes. 5) The Eddsworld documentary was near completion but the project has been recently restarted. We may release the original version for fun on a side channel until the official release.

Hope that answers any burning questions you may have!


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