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    Eddsworld Style

    January 9, 2013 by ShaunoftheRed

    Wattup.... Ok no one here knows me coz I've literally just came onto this and posted this but I just made it for a laugh so please tell me what you all think... It's an Eddsworld parody of gangnam Style. if you like Eddsworld then you should get all the refernces... So err... enjoy :D

    Watching Eddsworld Style!

    Eddsworld style!

    Drinking a Coke, Wouldn’t be the same without it, eh Edd?

    A can of diet coke instead is surely what we all dread,

    Now listen closely or you will take a shovel to the head,

    Or will a spoon and fork do instead?

    Zombehs everywhere,

    Right, middle, left and in a haunted graveyard,

    I don’t care,

    About Christmas although save it anyway,

    Coz it’s fair,

    And possibly gain eyes in the process but,

    Still can’t stare

    Also, Tord’s not there,

    In …

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