I am considering making a request to adopt this wiki, which would allow me to become an administrator, but would like other users' opinions before I go ahead with it (in the comments section below).

The latest active administrator, Reviewportal77, has been inactive for over a month now. I've left numerous messages on his talk page but have received no reply. I've done a lot for this wiki in the past two weeks (including adding templates, major cleanup operations, removing vandalism, proposing articles for deletion, adding images, etc.) and becoming an administrator would allow me to handle vandalism a lot easier, as well as improve this wiki in general a lot more.

I'm already an administrator on the Saints Row wiki, so I know what I'm doing, and I'll be fully committed to helping the wiki too.

Moozipan Cheese(talk page)

(I'm going to wait a week before putting forward a request to adopt this wiki, ideally allowing enough time for a few responses.)

Update: As of 18th April 2012, I have now requested this wiki for adoption. Thanks for all the positive comments guys!

Update 2: I was made admin! Thanks for all your support everyone. More here!

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