aka Dawson

  • I live in Ramea, NL
  • I was born on September 25
  • My occupation is Eddsworld Fan!
  • I am Male

    Here Are The TQ2 Questions:

    1. In EDDSWORLD: What Was Toms Eyes Were In Classic Tom? (A. Line B. Normal C. Normal, But Eyes Are Just Black.)
    2. How Was Matt A Zombie In Eddsworld ZOMBEH ATTACK?
    3. What Was The Year When Edd Gould Died?
    4. What Name Has The Most Letters In Eddsworld? A: TOM B: EDD C: MATT
    5. Do I Make Fanart?
    6. What Was The Video BEFORE Fun Dead?
    7. What Was The KICKSTARTER Project Name For Eddsworld?
    8. Name This Video: 
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    The Quiz 2!

    June 5, 2013 by EDDSWORLDSTICKY

    Has in a year, EDDSWORLDSTICKY Started, He made a quiz and it was not great, 3 questions... But today, A New generations of a quiz is here, THE QUIZ 2! Features:

    1. More Questions
    2. 5 People Can Play
    3. Now On Blog
    4. Trivas Of Diffrent shows
    5. Admins Can Play
    6. Chat Spot (Only On Qoutes)
    7. Ask Me Questions

    7 Features! WOW! So to see it, Find The TQ2 Questions Blog Post

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    The Quiz!

    March 26, 2013 by EDDSWORLDSTICKY

    Here Are The questions:

    1. What was the first eddsworld Video?

    2. What Was 2013's Next Video After: The Snorge?

    3. How Long Is The Eddsworld - Intro Song Length?

    Get It All Right And You Will get a post From me!

    Ends On The Next Month!

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