Cool christian14

aka christian

  • I live in muncho land
  • I was born on March 16
  • My occupation is being kind
  • I am male
  • Cool christian14

    hey eddheads my name is christian and i recently got through watching the newly made eddsworld documentery on dark squidges channel and at one point they mentioned something about the scruffy looking army dude that was in the begginging of the snoger and his partner they said that theres a bigger story but there is something i noticed two of his appearences revolve around tord in the beggining of the snoger on the plane is part a mark that resembles part of tords hair and in fun dead there on the tv fighting zombehs but theres a siloeht of... tord and back to the snoger when they were jumping out of the plane theres a 3rd person presumably tord now what does this mean and the even stranger thing thats not the army guys only appearence i've…

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