Hello Eddheads! I don't think this post will do very well, but I'm spreading the word! NO CREEPYPASTA REFERENCES NO GOD IT BURNS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 

But anyway

My friends and I have created... 


So, the month is August (because that's Matt's birth month) and here's why we're doing it!

Matt has been so helpful to Eddsworld! He's done voices, animation, comics... Matt has helped create the awesomeness that IS Eddsworld! 

Without Matt, we wouldn't have the comics, some of the animation, or Matt in general! Matt is just so helpful and far too underrated.

Matt stands alone now, my friends! Tom left, Edd died, Tord left, Pau left (why I call him Pau is for a different posT), Pat left (again, different post), so Matt stands alone to draw comics. Matt is keeping our series alive!

So, spread the word, #MattAppreciationMonth, and yeah! Appreciate our precious bean! 

Thanks, Eddheads, and goodbye!