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The Unspecified Deleted Scene is from an unknown Eddsworld episode (possibly Just a Bit Crazy) that was revealed on the official Eddsworld Twitter by Thomas Ridgewell (link found here).

The scene featured Edd stretching his neck from the right side of the screen into the sky, with his body not being seen at all. The shot then cuts to Tord riding a convertible in the same direction, while his hands are vibrating and flailing in the air instead of holding the steering wheel. Then we see Tom in a river right next to the road Tord is on. Tom is traveling in the same directions as the others. Matt was absent for reasons yet to be explained as he was in all plausible episodes this could be. According to Tom, no one, except the crew members involved at that time (Matt, Tord, Edd and Tom himself), understood the context of the scene.


EddNeck TordCar TomDuckling


  • Because it is a scene it's only able to exist in full length episodes, ruling out all shorts and skits.
  • Due to the style of the animation and presence of Tord, the episode the scene was in was produced sometime between Eddsworld Halloween Special 2007 and Moving Targets.
  • Due to the setting. the episode is likely not the Eddsworld Halloween Special 2007 or Zanta Claws.
  • If the scene was in Spares, then it's likely these are Clones having a montage of fun similar to the one they had in the arcade, or this is them going to the arcade. This would also explain why Edd was able to stretch his neck so far out.
  • If the scene is in Moving Targets, then it's likely the gang traveling to the Recruitment Center, however this leaves a mystery of where Matt is. Although it's possible production for the scene stopped before he could be added.
  • It's also speculated that this is either the original version of, or a deleted scene from, Just a Bit Crazy, due to similar character movements, the same facial expressions, and lack of sense.
  • It's plausible this episode was never released at all, and Tom simply forgot/neglected to share the information.