A film based off of the show Eddsworld was confirmed by Tom Ridgewell to be made after the Eddsworld: Legacy fundraiser if enough money was made.


The movie was questioned in late 2011 on the Eddsworld Formspring page. Edd was asked if he was open to the idea of creating an Eddsworld movie. Edd responded by saying that he wished to stick with making regular episodes, as he felt each one could be given a big story within a short time limit.

After Edd's tragic death, the Eddsworld: Legacy fundraiser was launched on indigogo to raise money to continue making the show. Tom Ridgewell confirmed on the Eddsworld indigogo page that if the Eddsworld: Legacy fundraiser raised over $150,000, a film would be made. However Tom thuroughly doubted this even happening, as he knew that he wouldn't raise that much money. On a Vokle, Tom confirmed that if an Eddsworld movie were to be made it would only be about fourty-five minutes instead of a full hour.

Not much is currently known as to if the film will be made or not, however Tom does have an idea on what to make the movie about. It is also currently unknown if a script has been written.

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