Matt: And that's when he said to me "Of course I'm gonna have to put that horse down!"

Both: (laughs)

Red: You're funny.

Matt: I know!

Red: So, your place, or mine?

Matt: Heh heh... My place?

Flashback time:

Matt: (hears door knocking) Come in!

Tom: (walks in) Hey, Matt. Oh wow, you really need to clean your room.

Matt: (whiny voice) I'll do it later!

Tom: Seriously, I think these socks are actually alive now.

Matt: No! Don't touch those!

Tom: Ahh! They've got me! They're eating me!

Matt: Tom, no!

Tom: Why would you keep your socks in radioactive waste?!

Matt: It was an easy mistake to make!

Tom: These are the...angriest socks...EVER!

Matt: Just don't let them on your feet.

Tom: AAH! They're eating my feet!!! If only you cleaned your room....


Steamrolled Guard (from "Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery") NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Night Owl (from "Watchmen") NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

(Back to reality)

Matt: So, my pla -- (notices Red left) aw....