[Opening scene of Zombeh Attack]
Edd: Oh No! We Hit That Person!
Tord: Big bloody deal, that person busted our car!
Tom: We'll have to get a repair kit from the garage.
Edd: Maybe theres one in that town over there.
[They see the graves is empty.]
Matt: Hmm... wonder why all the graves are empty.
Tom: Who cares.
[Edd and his friends looking at Bittensborugh]


[In Bittensborugh - Main Street]
Matt: Hey, Theres someone! I'll ask them for directions.
Tom: Who cares.
Matt: Excuse me but, Do you know where the- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!
Tord: Oh my god, he bit off his arm!
Tom: I think... we lost... them...


[leader zombies telling his accomplies]
Tord: Oh my god, it getting closer!
[zombies walking trought to the Edd, Tom, and Tord]
Tord: Hmm... we should find a safe base to hide in.
Tom: Yeah, but it will need to be camoflauged.


[3 hours later..., in the base, there is a sign of "Out of Order" and "No Brains Here"]
Edd: Perhaps we should go and look for weapons. Tom, why don't you go outside and see where we can get some.
[Tom go outside and see where they can get some]
Tom: Hmmmm....Hmmmmmmmm....AHA!!
[Tom go inside and telling them]
Edd: Okay.


[A montage of weapon shopping is then shown. Edd gets a chainsaw, Tom gets a shovel, and Tord almost gets a gun, until Edd and Tom change it for a fork and a spoon.]


[They ready to attack]
Tord: OK, we have to attack them by suprise. Tom, take the right, I'll take the right, and you take the middle Edd. Ready? Go!
[They jumping outside and see they gone. then, Tom picking the one of repair kit] Tom: Well at least we found the repair kit!


[They see Matt and the zombehs are here]
Edd: Matt?!
Zombeh Matt: Indububly. (wtf)
Edd: But why?
Zombeh Matt: Getting kind of bored there, lying in a gutter festering...
[They hearing what did Matt says]
Zombeh Matt: Attack my Zombie Aquaintinces!
[Matt then orders the other Zombehs to attack. Edd, Tom and Tord then start to kill all the zombehs, but in the process, Tord gets bitten. Edd see Zombeh bite Tord]
Edd: Noooooooooo! Not the Coke Machine!
Tom: Ah, Screw this! Let's get out of here!
Zombeh Matt: Come back here, Yah cowards!


[One Quick Repair Later...]
Tom: Drive! DRIVE!
[They driving the car and escaped from cemetery. then, Tom see Tord]
Tom: Oh... my... God! It's...T-t-t-t-t-TORD!
[Then, Tord bitting there seat, and Edd and Tom survived]