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Real Tom: This is Space Face Part Two, which won't make any sense if you haven't watched "Space Face Part 1", if you haven't watched that maybe you could do that nooooow...... Thank you. (sung in the style of the Eddsworld theme up until "which won't make any sense)

(Opening credits)

Tom: Y'know, he really captured his grassiness.

Commander Bai: Ah yes! Your vanity beacon.

Tom: Our what?

Commander Bai: We couldnt miss it! A signal that would let us know about your energy reserves.

Tom: Huh?

Commander Bai: This "Matt" creature. We believe he holds the key to getting us home.

Matt: I found a thing!

(zaps voice changer)

Edd: Ruff! Ruff!

(Matt shoots again)

Edd: (In Eduardo's voice) Well, this isn't my voice.

(Matt shoots again)

Edd: (computer sounds)


Edd: (dolphin sounds)

(Matt shoots many times and Edd makes more sounds) 

Matt: Nyeeh!

(Zaps one more time)

Edd: (coughs)

(Matt drops it and breaks it)

Edd: Aw.

Tom: Really? Matt?  

Commander Bai: Yes, only the vainest being on your planet would make such a monument of themselves.

Matt: Hey, I made that! Ooh, I look good...

(vainity meter goes up)

Matt: I really captured my grassiness.

(it goes up some more)

Commander Bai: It's working! Keep him going!

Tom: Hey, Matt. I DON'T hate you?

Matt: Yay! I'm popular!

Tom: No, I just meant I don't hate you.

Matt: POPULAR!!!

(meter goes up)

Commander Bai: Yes, were so close! Just a little more!

Edd: Um... Hey, Matt!

(Edd shows Matt a mirror)

Matt: EeeeeeeEEEEE!!!!

(Meter goes up all the way)

(Power levels reach 100%)

Everyone: Yaaay! WOOHOO! Alright!

Commander Bai: You've powered our ship! We can finally make it home!

Matt: (gasps) So, I'm a hero?

Commander Bai: Yeah, sure!

Alien: Uh...commander?

Matt: I saved the day?

Commander Bai: You sure did!

Alien: Commander!?

Matt: I...I'm AWESOME!

Tom: Oh, boy.cco


Commander Bai: What!?

Alien: The drive can't take any more vanity! She's gonna blow!

Commander Bai: Quick! Humble him!

Matt: Heeeeeeeee,..!

Edd: We can't!

Commander Bai: Vent the engines! Full warp speed!

Alien: Aye aye!

(A girl is seen wearing a future shirt the ship takes off burning her her shirt now says past)

Edd and Matt: AAAAAAAAH!!!

(The Ship crashes through Saturn)

Edd and Matt: AAAAAAAAH!

Tom: Matt? Remember that time when I told you I didn't hate you?

Matt: Yeah?

Tom: I LIED!!

Matt: Aww....

(Meter goes down to the middle)

(The ship stops as the three fall to the ground)

Edd: (looks up and laughs nervously)

Commander Bai: Come, let me show you the FINAL part of the tour

(Time laspe)

Commander Bai: The garbage disposal bay, this is where we eject all of our unwanted waste into the cold depths of space.

Edd, Matt: Oooh

Commander Bai: And that includes you.

Edd: What?

Tom: Figures. (drinks)

Matt: But I'm a hero! I powered your ship with my face! My pretty pretty face!

Commander Bai: Yeah yeah, we're all really greatful. Time to go.

Edd: You can't do this! We'll fly the ship ourselves if we HAAAAaaaaaa....

(Three aliens point space guns at them)

Edd: Ugh.

(Commander Bai pushes Edd and Matt in and throws Tom)

Matt: Let us out!

Commander Bai: Oh, I plan to...

Edd: Couldn't you just take us home?!

Commander Bai: Yeah, we could! (laughs evilly) Goodbye.

(Presses the switch but the aliens are in the garbadge disposal bay and get sucked out)

Tom: Wow, who knew vanity and stupidity was so closely related?

Matt: Hahaha, I dont get it.

Tom: I know...

Edd: Joyride?

(Tom turns and smiles)

Tom: Yep!

(Edd, Tom and Matt joyride through space, abduct Nick Vositik, drop him off on Uranus, shoot Uranus (It now has "BUTT" carved into it), notice Eduardo, Jon and Mark were also abducted by Zogrephos 7, the main three have a gunfight, Tom shoots Matt's arm off, Edd heals the arm, Tom shoots it again, and finally, Matt screams in pain)

Edd, Matt, Tom: (laughing)

Tom: We should get abducted more often. (takes a sip of alcohol and makes a drunk face)

Edd: Haha! I hear that!

Matt: I heard it too!

(Edd sees he has no more cola)

Edd: We should probably get home.

Tom: Aw.....

(Edd sits down and presses a few buttons)

Tom: Does anyone else feel kinda... falling-y?

Edd: Guys, we have a problem!



(Matt presses buttons rapidly while Tom presses buttons slowly)

Edd: Try using this!

Matt: What is it!?

Edd: I dunno, find out!

Matt: Tom, what do I...

(Matt accidently zaps Tom)

(Tom falls back onto a chair and hits a table)

(Matt drops the weapon)

(Part 1's intro is continued right about now)


Matt: He's down!

Edd: Damn it!

Matt: What are we gonna do, Edd!?

Edd: I dont know!

Edd and Matt, in complete unison: AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!


(meter goes up a little)

Edd: YES!!

(Edd hits the brakes and the ship stops right before crashing and the three hit the glass)

Matt: Hey!

(They turn around)

Tom: OK, I take it back. No more abductions for me...

Edd: You know, you've been pretty quiet today Tom.

Tom: (unscrewing the lid of the bottle) I am very drunk.

Edd: (laughs as Tom takes a sip)

Tom: Hey. Matt?

Matt: Yeah?

Tom: You're all right.

Matt: Really?

Tom: Yeah.


(meter goes up all the way and the ship explodes)

Matt: My allergies!

-Episode Ends-

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