( The sun is show rising. The screen reads "Edd and Tord present... The Dudette Next Door".)

Edd and Tord are playing Worms: Armageddon. The then hear the sound of keys. They dash to the window.

Kim is shown while Cyndi Lauper music is playing in the background.

Edd and Tord zoom outside.

Edd runs up to Kim.

Edd: Helloooo!

Kim: Oh. Hi there!

Edd: May I help you with your luggage?

Kim: It's over there, thanks!

Edd grabs a package.

Kim: No, the other one!

Edd carries a bigger package over, struggling along the way.

Tord: Let me park your car for you.

Kim: Thanks! (gives Tord keys)

Tord is shown backing up and crashing.

Kim: Oh my gosh! My car!

Later that day...

Edd is bringing flowers to Kim's house, but sees that Tord has beaten him with a gigantic bouquet of flowers. Edd then throws the flowers away.

Edd then gets an idea and take heart-shaped chocolates out of his pocket, but sees that Tord has beaten him again with bigger chocolates. Edd walks away embarrassed.

Edd then comes in with a karate gi on. He swings his hands up and down. The chicken song starts playing while Edd is swinging his hands. Kim, who is sunbathing, watches him.

Tord is then seen out the window. Tord gets an idea.

Later, Edd hears a sound. "CHI-CHIT" He turns around and sees Tord with a gun.

Edd punches Tord while the gun is shot repeatedly. Tord then accidentally shoots his own foot and walks away.

Later that month...

Edd and Tord are in their swimsuits by the pool.

Tord: (elbowing Edd) Hey, check it out there!

Kim is shown sunbathing again.

Edd walks up to the diving board.

Edd: Hey! Check this out! (does cannonball in pool)

Kim laughs.

Tord: Ha. That's nothing. Watch THIS!

Tord tries to jump in, but is pushed by Edd.

Kim: That was great!

That evening...

Tord brings Kim a giant pretzel. Kim kisses him. This makes Edd VERY angry.


They start punching each other. Kim rolls her eyes.

Katya: Hey Kim!

Kim: Hey Katya!

Kim and Katya are shown kissing. Edd and Tord are heartbroken, but then get an idea.

Edd and Tord look out the window at Kim. Kim then winks and pulls out a curtain that says "The End".