Tori is the female counterpart to Tord. She appears in Fun Dead and Mirror Mirror, as cameos.


In Fun Dead

In this version, Tori wears a red hoodie, like her male counterpart Tord. However, she has also a black coat with an inverted pink heart surrounded by a red border on chest (probably being decor for a zipper), pockets, two silver holes on one side through which red string is passing and red trim, which resembles a skirt. She has light brown hair, with a small ponytail on the back and bound by a rubber band with red beads.

Because she was a zombie, she has green skin and blank eyes.

Version by Sandra Rivas

In this version, Tori wears a red hoodie and has dissolved hair. Instead of a rubber band, she has earrings with red beads. Underneath her hoodie, she wears a white t-shirt and a red sport bra, with black inscription "Dudette" on the front, as well as black jeans and black sneakers with grey soles. She has also a gash on her face.

In the other drawings, she has a ponytail and she only wears a torn bra. She is also a bit wounded (she has a bruise on her right shoulder and bandages on both of her arms).

Version by Paul Ter Voorde

In this version, Tori wears a torn red sport bra, and has a ponytail. She is also much more wounded, but in other places (she has a scratch on right cheek, a bruise on her left cheek, a scratch on her neck, a bandage on her left shoulder, bruises on both of her elbows, bandages on both of her forearms, a bandage and a bruise on her left hand, a scratch on the right side of her abdomen and a bruise on the left side of her abdomen).


  • Fun Dead
  • Mirror Mirror


  • Tori's name originally wasn't canonical, but invented by fans. However, Sandra Rivas and the Eddsworld team liked it so much that they decided it would be her canonical name.
  • The drawings made by Sandra Rivas confirmed that, even though in the episode "Fun Dead" she was in the "Eddsworld" dimension, she comes from "Ellsworld" and she later returned to her own dimension.
  • The drawings made by Sandra Rivas also confirmed that, even though in the episode "Fun Dead" she was a zombie, she later returned to her normal form.
  • Her bra and inscription on the front are probably a reference to Kim from The Dudette Next Door.
  • Tori, in her own way, is similar to the character of Tori Vega from the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious. They are connected by the fact that both of them have the name Tori, both of them have brown hair, but most interestingly, Tori from Eddsworld in her first appearance was a zombie, while Tori from Victorious in one episode, Tori The Zombie, had an accident that caused her to look like a zombie throughout the episode. In some of Victorious' episodes, Tori also has an outfit similar to Tori from Eddsworld (red shirt and black pants). An example of such an episode may be Tori Goes Platinum.


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