Matilda and Tori picture

Full version of picture from Mirror Mirror episode

Ellswold by Sandra Rivals

Drawing made by Sandra Rivals depicting Ell, Tamara, Matilda and Tori (note the bandage on Tori's face, which means that the situation in the drawing takes place near The End, after Fun Dead)

Tori in hoodie and in bra by Sandra Rivals

Sketch made by Sandra Rivals depicting Tori in red hoodie and with ponytail (left) and in red sport bra and with dissolved hair (right)

Tori wounded in bra and with Tord by Sandra Rivals

Sketch made by Sandra Rivals depicting Tori again in the same red sport bra and with ponytail. This time she is also a little wounded (she has a bruise on the shoulder, bandages and her bra has a torn down). She is also accompanied by her male counterpart - Tord

Tori is the female version of Tord. Probably she comes from another dimension, just like Ell, Tamara and Matilda. She appearing only in Fun Dead and Mirror Mirror.


In Fun Dead

Tori wears a red hoodie and a black jacket. She has a similar hairstyle to her male counterpart Tord, but longer and on the back, she has small ponytails, bound by a rubber band with red beads. Because she was a zombie, she has green skin and blank eyes. Her jacket has a inverted heart on her chest, pockets, two silver holes on one side through which red string is passing and red trim, which resembles a skirt.

Version by Sandra Rivas

In this version, Tori wears a red hoodie and has often dissolved hair. Instead of a rubber band, she has earrings with red beads. On her face was a small bandage and under her hoodie was white t-shirt and red sports bra, with inscription "Dudette" in front. She had also black jeans and black sneakers.


  • Fun Dead
  • Mirror Mirror


  • Tori's name originally wasn't canonical, but invented by fans. However, Sandra Rivals and the Eddsworld team liked it so much that they decided it would be her canonical name.

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