Tord's Adventure is an Eddisode animated by Edd Gould featuring the title character, Tord.


The episode starts with Tord on his computer when Edd signs into some kind of MSN. Edd sends Tord a very embarrassing picture of him with sparkly eyes cuddling a teddy bear. Tord announces that "this means war!". Tord then goes on a very short trip to London in a conveniently placed helicopter. He lands on a person, crushing him to death, then runs off to 'Edd's Road'. Four Zombeh hands shoot out of the graves but Tord escapes their grasps and shoots them with his AK-47 before they can fully emerge. He then climbs up to the steps to Edd's house. Tord find's Edd's chair. In Edd's chair, there is a bomb which explodes on Tord and sends him flying to a sunny island, where he lands on a deckchair next to Edd. Edd passes him a Coke can and Tord takes it. Edd then deletes the picture of Tord. To close the episode, Edd posts a picture of Tom in a dress, much to the latter's chagrin.


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  • This was Edd's first ever video to be uploaded onto YouTube.
  • While Tord is running through London, you can see Weebl and Bob, by mrweebl on YouTube
  • The chair with a bomb on it has Edd's legs for a second, but when it turns around, they disappear.
  • Edd and Tord's chairs are coloured the same as their hoodies (green and red).
  • Smosh's logo can be seen on the side of the helicopter.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Tord's computer wallpaper is Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.
  • If you look closely at the bomb's timer when it is about to explode, it says "Bye!"
  • Although Tord usually lives with Edd, he lives in Norway in this episode
  • The Red Dwarf outro theme can be heard at the end.

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