"Harpoons, harpoons! They're better than spoons!"

-Tom, The End Part 1

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Lame...wait. Ahhhhhhh!

–Tom, Space Face Part 1

Holy lonely pony eating macaronis!

–Tom, The Snogre

Kitten shopping!

–Tom's clone, Spares

Ugh. He just kept screaming, crying, begging for help, his things breaking, evil laughter, sobbing, his TV keeps turning on and off, his window opening, and suddenly enigmatic gusts of wind are coming through. (Bites his toast)You know, That sort of thing.

–Tom, Hammer & Fail 2 (Rooftop Rumble)

What do we look like, his friends?

–Tom, Hammer and Fail 2 "Rooftop Rumble"

I don't see why not we just open the door and... now I'm going backwards!

–Tom, Hammer & Fail 2(Rooftop Rumble)

Um, pardon me neighbor, what a lovely day, could we pur chance borrow a cup of your finest sugar?

–Tom, Hammer & Fail 2(Rooftop Rumble)

"You know when I told you I didn't hate you, I LIED!"
-Tom, Space face part 2

{{Quote 2| "Ha well Edd you've had that sword for a whole 10 minutes and you already broke the door down, good job!" |Tom| Mirror Mirror,

Well, its a good job we already put those stairs in or otherwise Matt... would... have... been crushed. Ah.

–Tom, Hammer & Fail 1(Rival Builders)

38, 39, 100, ready or not, here I come!

–Tom, Climate Change

Ugh... The rain's so annoying.

–Tom, WTFuture


–Tom, The End part2

Holy Crap! Um... I mean Holy Pop Tarts and a Pencil Sharpener! Ugh, I'll go over stand over there

–Tom, Ruined

What in the name of this DELICIOUS BOWL OF EDDSWORLD CEREAL happened to my bass!?

–Tom, Ruined

I am.. VERY drunk.

–Tom, Space Face pt 2

¿Why did you leave?. ¿WHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!?

–Tom, Hammer and Fail 2 (Rooftop Rumble)

"Good Riddance"

-Tom, 25ft Under The Seat



— Tom, Zombeh Nation/Zombeh Attack 3

See, this is why you guys should NEVER listen to me

-Tom, Moviemakers

" Not yet, There's still some more reindeer on this one. Oh, got it.

- Tom, Zanta Claws III

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