"Tom's Tales of Crazy", alternatively "Tom's Tales of Craziness" and "Tom's Tales of Creativity",[2] is an episode of Eddsworld, and is the third installment in the Tom's Tales series (being a sequel to "Tom's Tales of Awesome" and "Tom's Tales of Brilliance"). 


On 12 March 2013, Tom Ridgewell stated that "Fun Dead" would take a while to make, and hinted at the possible release of a new instalment in the Tom's Tales series, that he and Edd Gould had previously worked on.[2] Tom also went on to say that Tom's Tales never stopped; after "Tom's Tales of Brilliance", it evolved into the asdfmovie series.[3]

On 19 March 2013, it was revealed that Pearl Zhang would be animating the episode, not Paul ter Voorde.[4] Tom noted that he hoped to finish recording the audio for the animation on 8 April;[5] the audio was recorded the following day, and included "guns, explosions, cliffs, trains, melting, [and] time travel".[6]

In May 2013, Pearl stated via a Tumblr post that the episode was taking so long to finish because Tom had not sent her all the audio to animate, meaning that the animation was put into hiatus.[7]

On 5 June 2013, rough line art of the episode was posted to the Eddsworld Twitter account.[8]

On 14 June 2013, Tom's Tales of Crazy was uploaded to the Eddsworld YouTube account.

On 10 July 2013, a deleted scene was exclusively shown on Eddsworld's Facebook page.


Tom narrates how he and Edd made Tom's Tales of Awesome/Brilliance and the asdfmovie series, the latter actually being the same thing as the Tom's Tales series, without the Eddsworld characters. He then announces the Tom's Tales of Crazy episode.

Tom introduces his dog Nermal to a man, who asks him if the dog does any tricks. Tom replies that he does so and tells Nermal to implode, which is what he does. Tom then tells the man that Nermal can only implode once.

Tom talks to a quiet talking moustached stranger with a backpack, when a robber steals his backpack and goes to a nearby orphanage. When Tom asks the stranger if he's going to get the robber, the stranger replies that he doesn't need to, because he's a terrorist who put a bomb in the backpack. The bomb explodes and melts the orphans caught in the blast.

Tom and his date, Stacey, are enjoying their date together on a snowy day, even though Stacey's voice is "freakishly manlike". Stacey eats some snow and causes the sun to rise; she melts much to the dismay of Tom, as his clothes are now wet.

A group of students complain about school, and Tom bursts in and asks if the students want to do something cool, only to tell them that they're in the wrong place. He bursts out of the history building with a rocket propelled statue of a dinosaur, shouting, "So long, suckers! I'm an adult!"

Tom holds on to a woman who's about to fall from a cliff into a river below. Tom doesn't know what to do, but his conscience tells him to let go of what he loves. He does just that (literally), before telling her, "Love you!"

Tom swings his bat at a baseball and kills it. A man witnesses the entire event and tells Tom that he's going to jail. Tom kills him, runs off, and crashes his car off-screen.

Deleted scene

Tom asks Matt if he took his suit again when he encounters a tree in a suit. Tom, finding the tree sexy, proceeds to make out with it. He gets sent to the hospital covered in splinters, but he says it was worth it.


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  • This is the first installment of the Tom's Tales series to be released in nearly seven years.
    • This is also the first Tom's Tales to not be animated by Edd Gould, who passed away in 2012 after a six-year battle with leukaemia.
  • While visual references have been made in the past, this is the only Tom's Tales to ever verbally acknowledge the existence of asdfmovie.

Other Milestones

  • This is the second episode to feature characters drawn as a past incarnation, after seeing a secretive past Tom in a split-second frame from Space Face (third if one includes Future Edd returning to the events of Eddsworld Zombeh Attack in "WTFuture").
  • Each "Tom Tales of" is titled in alphabetical order: Awesome, Brilliance, Crazy. (A B C).


  • The characters that appear in the asdf frame include the Stegosaurus (asdfmovie4), the Mine Turtle (asdfmovie5 and 6), the "Do the Flop" Guy (asdfmovie6), the Man with an Evil Tie (asdfmovie1), and the I Like Trains kid (asdfmovie2 and 3).
  • A statue of Coke (a character from Bumming Crew) can be seen outside the school buildings.
  • The orphanage is named "Saint Mary's Orphanage".
  • Tom's winter outfit bears a striking resemblance to his outfit from "The Snogre".
  • The man talking to Tom has a close resemblance to Matt.
  • The art style is very similar to Edd's in design.
  • This is the first Tom's Tales in which mouths are very common in the video.
  • The tree in the deleted scene most likely was the one who stole Tom's suit instead of Matt, as it's seen wearing it.
    • Either that, or somebody/something put it on it.


  • The end of this video shows a sneak peek for "Fun Dead".
  • Despite them both appearing in a design sketch for the video, both Edd and Matt do not appear in the main animation, although Matt is mentioned in the deleted scene.


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