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Tom slightly has eyes when Matt zaps him. (Space Face Pt. 2)

Tom's Eyes is perhaps his most recognizable trait, being completely black. He inherited this peculiar trait from his mother, a bowling ball.

In a second Tumblr post made after he left Eddsworld, Tom offers his intended explanation for his character's black eyes. Edd would often draw Tom with hollow white eyes when he was shocked. He suggested Edd replace his character's unibrow with black circles for easier animation. Tom meant for them to be fully black eyes which were caused by his character being possessed by a demon that would take control of Tom's body when he was extremely angry. Some fans think that this "demon" was portrayed as the monster in PowerEdd. Edd decided to take his own approach to the new look and portray them simply as empty sockets.

When Tom took over the show after Edd's death, it appears that the reasoning behind Tom's eyes was retconned back to demonic possession as implied by events during Eddsworld: Legacy. Tom was revealed to already be possessed in Trick or Threat making the evil girl unable to possess him like she could with Edd or Matt. In PowerEdd, Tom transforms into a demonic monster after being injured and angered by Eduardo. In The End, Edd asked Tom why he had black eyes rather than asking why he had empty eye sockets. However, Tom has stated on Tumblr that he's unsure if Matt or any of the current Eddsworld writers will continue to use the possession explanation since Tom is no longer involved with the show or the character.

When he is shown with eyes, which rarely happens, he has either sparkly eyes with eyelashes or blue eyes which shine in them. Earlier in the series, he had a unibrow where his eyes should have been and later two black eye sockets, without pupils or eyeballs. His female counterpart, Tamara, also lacks eyes. His Western ancestor, Sheriff Thompson, has one eye covered by an eyepatch.

In Hammer and Fail 2, it turns out the eye sockets are in fact empty, as seen when Tom rubs his eyes after seeing the ghost, his hands go straight through the sockets.
Occasionally, such as when he is surprised, he is shown with blank white eyes. Usually, when Tom gains his eyes, he (usually) loses them by getting shot with lasers.

His first appearance with empty eye sockets was in Zombeh Nation. 

Appearances with different eyes

  • Zanta Claws: Tom briefly has eyes when he says, "I did not!", after Zanta Claws says he was naughty for eating a pie, which had a note on it that said "Do not eat!"
  • Moving Targets: When Tom, Edd and Matt were burnt by Tord's jet-pack, their eyes made a stunned expression, including Tom's.
  • Zanta Claws II: Tom recieves new eyes from Zanta Claws since they are, apparently, his heart's desire. However, he sacrifices them in order to save Santa by taking a laser to the face.
  • Zanta Claws III: When Zanta Claws is trying to convince Tom to team up with Zanta and destroy Christmas, Tom briefly has eyes when telling Zanta he sucks.
  • Hammer and Fail 2: He has white eyes while yelling at 5:55.
  • Climate Change: When shouting at Edd, he has hypnotic eyes.
  • Rock Bottom: Throughout the entire episode.
  • Space Face: Part 1: For a brief moment, Tom had eyes was gives eyes by the Normalizer, only to have them removed seconds later by a laser gun.
  • Space Face: Part 2: When Matt zaps Tom, some frames show Tom with eyes.
  • The End: After Tom threw the sofa at the wall and he was walking angrily, he has white eyes.