Tom's ASDF Movie Poster in the background.

In real life, Thomas Ridgewell (Tomska) created his own flash series named asdfmovie, which has been referenced in some of the Eddsworld episodes as a poster that reads SAFETY FIRST, the slogan of the series.



While Edd is in Tom's room smashing a spider with his bass, the poster can be seen in the background.

Hammer and Fail

At the end while Tom is complaning about Matt making noise the ASDF poster is in the background.

Decoy Pt. 1 (comic)

While Tom is reading a magazine, an I Like Trains poster can be seen behind him.

Eddsworld intro

If you look carefully, you can see Tom wearing an asdf shirt before his hoody appears.


2 asdfmovie toys can be seen in the claw machines.

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