This World of Edd is a flash animation made by Edd. It was made in 2007 and describes what would happen if Edd was the only person left on Earth.


The camera zooms into Edd's house. Edd is on the couch flipping through channels and comes across a commercial for Coca-Cola with Bacon. He decides to go to the local store to buy some for himself, but finds out that there is no Coca-Cola with Bacon in stock. He goes to the cash register to ask for a clerk. Just then, he notices a newsstand with newspapers saying that everyone on Earth has mysteriously vanished. He looks out to see a street full of abandoned cars, then decides to make the most of it.

Edd proceeds to wreak havoc. He drives a double-decker bus down the street, runs around the Houses of Parliament naked, melts a wax statue and makes a statuette of himself in Madame Tussauds, draws all over the paintings in the National Gallery, and rewires the screens at Piccadilly Circus to show footage of himself goofing off.

Two days later, Edd's house is covered with stains and trash bags. An already insane Edd is seen behind the couch playing with Tom and Tord hand puppets. After making puppet Tom steal puppet Tord's wallet, Edd snaps. Then the screen goes black.

White text shows up revealing that Edd killed himself, and that everyone was just hiding for a surprise party.



  • Amongst the newspapers on the rack delivering bad news, The Daily Mirror's headline is "POSH DUMPS BECKS".
  • The intro is similar to Edd's intro
  • Some music was from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Super Mario Bros.
  • The news on the TV says "The News Today, Charlie Brown declared that a bouquet of fishes are not a correct present to give to someone insane".
  • When Edd runs through The Houses of Parliament and falls off the ceiling naked, there's a censor bar on his crotch.
  • The plot of this video is similar to Bendee 9: Booms-Day, only it was just a film set and Bendee found out.
  • When Edd is playing with dolls of Tom and Tord, Tord has black eyes.
  • This episode is actually 17+ on Newgrounds, because of the scene where Edd is running through The Houses of Parliament naked, and nudity is considered 17+ on Newgrounds.
  • This is the first time the "Cola with Bacon!" commercial is seen. It later appears in WTFuture and Fun Dead.

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