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Name: Snogre
First Appearance: The Snogre
Last Appearance: The Snogre
Voice Actor: Thomas Ridgewell

The Snogre was a character from Eddsworld that came to life by being hit with nuclear waste. He was the antagonist of The Snogre.

Originally, he was just a snowman (snowgolem) Tom built. However, after Paul and Patryk crashed their plane into a "cloudberg", a barrel of nuclear waste fell from the sky, landing in the Snogre, bringing him to life. He began spitting nuclear waste onto the SnowMatts, bringing them to life as well.

After making a pun and trying to kill Edd and Matt, Tom brought in a snow tank and blew the Snogre into pieces, killing him.


  • Many instances of "RAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!"
  • "I'm gonna SLEIGH you?"


  • The Snogre was the first antagonist who was a non-human entity. He was also the first antagonist that the protagonists created unless Future Edd is counted.
  • The name "Snogre" is a portmanteau of "snow" and "ogre".

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