This article is noncanon to the official Eddsworld.

The Eddsworld Fan Movie (originally titled Eddsworld: The Movie) is a fan-made film adaptation of Eddsworld, created by Edd Gould. The movie is and being directed and co-produced and co-written by Marc Lovallo and his production company, Madness & Mayhem. It is also being supported by friends and Eddheads all around. The project has received much support and encouragement from fans, and even from people who've worked on the show (including Eddie Bowley, Matt Hargreaves, and Thomas Ridgewell).

Originally intended to be released in celebration of the show's tenth anniversary in 2014, the Eddsworld fan movie will be a celebration of the show's history and feature appearances from many different characters that have appeared on the show in the past. It's expected to be released "this lifetime".


After abducting a vessel launched by an American space center, Commander Bai and his crew make a crash landing at the corner of Dirdum Lane. General McCoy of the United States military takes advantage of this opportunity and threatens to kill the aliens or else he'll quench his thirst by starting a war. It's the biggest battle of the decade, and now it's up to Edd and his crew to stop it.


  • Anthony Rees as Edd
  • Taliesin Charles as Tom and Mark
  • James Horsley as Matt
  • Kevin Horton as General McCoy, the main antagonist
    • One of the new characters introduced in this film, General McCoy previously made a cameo on a poster in The End (Part 2) during a scene animated by Marc Lovallo and Billy Crinion, co-producers of this film
  • Jason Norris as Commander Bai
  • Mike Joseph as Private Martin, General McCoy's lackey and another original character created for the film
  • Billy Crinion as Paul
  • Marc Lovallo as Eduardo
  • Jon Lopez as Jon

Actors cast in unknown roles.

  • Elissa Park
  • Matthew Plichta
  • Tom Stil

It's heavily speculated that Tord is going to appear in the film. In an update video, Marc stated that questions about Tord's appearance could not be answered; if the answer was yes, then it would be a spoiler, but if the answer was no, then there would be backlash. In July 2016, a new video, "Your Biggest Questions Answered", was uploaded to the channel that "informs" us that Tord's inclusion in the movie is neither true nor false.

Officially, the team has next to nothing to say on the matter other than what was stated above.

It's also believed that every single character who's appeared in the show is going to appear in the movie. However, that has yet to be confirmed.


Production on the film began as early as April 2013, according to the movie's Facebook page. Marc Lovallo wrote the script with his friends Jonah Good (who was also serving as animator and co-producer at the time) and Radley Catubig over the course of a few months. Then in June 2013, the first official teaser trailer was posted on the film's YouTube channel, consisting of new animated footage and a montage of clips from previous Eddisodes. In the trailer, it said that the movie would be released in 2014, and the "Eddsworld: The Movie" logo bore a gold number 10, indicating that the film would be released in time for the tenth anniversary of the show.

In August 2013, an update video revealed that Billy Crinion and Tracye Wilcox were brought on as animators.

In September 2013, it was revealed that 10% of the movie was completed. It was also revealed that five music composers and four voice actors had been hired at that point.

In October 2013, it was revealed that Connor Tierney would be voicing Edd in the movie.

In December 2013, it was revealed in an update video that Tracye Wilcox was let go from the project due to lack of communication. But during the same video, it was revealed that Eneko Agudo would be joining the project to take Tracye's place. It was also revealed that Jason Norris, Matthew Plichta, and Tom Stiil were cast to play roles in the film. Jason was revealed to be the voice of Commander Bai, but Matthew and Tom's roles remain unspecified. Finn M.K., Michael Pearson, Chandler Robinson, Noemie Pounder, and Zack Walter were also confirmed to be music composers. In another update video released that month, Jonah confirmed that actors had been cast to play Tom and General McCoy. He also announced that the movie's YouTube channel would start releasing animated shorts to hold people over in between updates and before the movie comes out.

In January 2014, interviews with Billy Crinion and Jonah Good were uploaded to the YouTube channel. The first Eddsworld movie minisode was also uploaded that month, called "Matt is Watching Us."

In February 2014, the minisode "Barn Boys" (based on a comic written by Jonah) was uploaded. In an update video released that same month, Nicolas Ramirez and Scott Wagner were revealed to have been hired as animators for the movie. It was also revealed that Landon Bell would be voicing the film's President of the United States, Dan Escudero would be voicing Tom, and Kevin Horton would be voicing General McCoy.

In March 2014, an update video revealed that Lewis Fakanza, Effren Villanueva and ExplosiveCake were brought on as animators for the movie. James Horsley was also confirmed as the voice of Matt, and Mike Joseph was confirmed as the voice of Private Martin. Billy was also revealed to have been made an associate producer.

In April 2014, an interview with Connor was uploaded.

In May 2014, the minisode "The Mystery of Tom's Eyes" (written and animated by Effren) was uploaded. That same month, the last traditional monthly update video was also released. An interview with Jason was also uploaded.

In 2014, it was announced that Jonah would be leaving the project. It's also believed that Lewis and ExplosiveCake had left the project as well. Billy was then made a full-on co-producer to take Jonah's place.

In July 2014, a sample of audio from the movie was released featuring Commander Bai being interrogated by General McCoy.

In 2015, Anthony Rees was brought on as an animator. Later he became a co-producer, and replaced Connor as the voice of Edd. Taliesin Charles was also made a co-producer on the film, as well as a co-writer for minisodes. Originally cast as "additional voices", he later took over from Dan as the voice of Tom.

In February 2016, it was announced on Twitter that Marc and Billy would serve as animators on the Eddsworld episode, The End (Part 2). They worked together on the post-credits sequence in Part 2, but also worked on the flashback sequence in Part 1. In an update video and Marc's video discussing their involvement, he said that their work on the episode partially kept them from working on the movie, but promised that work would speed up after the episode was out.

In an update video released in June 2016, it was revealed that Paul ter Voorde was originally intended to be the voice of Paul, but after the release of The End, he already started working on other projects, and was unable to continue the role. So instead, Billy was cast as the voice of Paul.

In November 2016, the crew announced they would be rebranding, the project now officially known as "The Eddsworld Fan Movie". Their reasoning behind this was to avoid any confusion with the official Eddsworld.

In December 2016 and Janaury 2017, the crew announced that 2017 will be the year of the movie. Lovallo has said that they will be putting a lot more effort into production this year, and will focus completely on the movie. However, It was not guaranteed that the movie would come out that year.

In April 2017, the minisode "Best Of Both Worlds" was uploaded. The minisode serves as the debuts of Rees and Charles as Edd and Tom, respectively.

The Spoon Patrol

On January 26, 2018, Marc Lovallo posted an update video[1]. In the video, at 4:09 in the video, he started an initiative called "Join the Spoon Patrol", where fans wanting involved with the movie submit a spoon drawn, colored and stylized by them. By now, countless spoons have been submitted, and many have been accepted.

Lovallo's inspiration for the Spoon Patrol stemmed off of how Eddie Bowley entered Eddsworld, by drawing a spoon that was in the background of "Fun Dead".

It is currently unknown how Lovallo intends to fit as many spoons as have been submitted into the movie, but the odds are more than likely he has a plan.


  • The Eddsworld Fan Movie tumblr stated that if they find places to put fanart, they are accepting it.
    • They also stated that they'll let a notice out if they need a specific part.
  • Marc Lovallo stated that Matthew Plichta was formerly voicing Patryck, but he was changed and Patryck was removed because of "fans" harassing the real-life Dudulewicz, and shipping him with Paul in real-life.
    • Matthew Plichta has received a new part in the movie. This part has not been revealed.
  • The Discord Server of this movie is open to the public.