The Big Named monster

The Monster attacks

The Big Named Monster is a film seen in Spares.

It is an action/comedy film of an apocalyptic genre, directed by the evil director, Christopher Bingbong and written by "Monkey 56". The movie stars the actors Adam Luckawort and George Cloonberg as the two main characters, and the monster is actually just many monkeys taped together.


The film follows the story of Tough Horney Guy and his sidekick, Nerd, who is smart as they combat the Super Powerful Demon Mutant Zombie Pirate Magic Ninja Evil Overlord from Hell and Outer Space, otherwise known as the Big Named Monster. They also battle many other creatures during the course of the film, such as an army of giant crabs, and the film is full of inuendos.

The film ends when Tough Hero Guy is convinced that they have finally defeated the creature, only to be informed by Nerd that they haven't defeated the monster, and it is actually right behind him. The Evil Overlord then decends upon the two main characters, and eats them. Then the credits roll.

Giant Crabs

The giant crabs


After watching the film, Edd decided that it was safe to say that it was the best film ever, and bet that millions of people were going to see it. Despite this, Edd, Tom, Tord and Matt were the only four viewers of the film. When the director asks how this could be, he is informed by his assistant, Larry, that it was probably because it was too similar to many other monster films, such as Godzilla, King Kong and Jurassic Park, among others.

The film does extremely poorly the evil director decides to create an army of Clones, so they could watch his movie and make him money. The poster for the film was a pair of giant red eyes, but the writing underneath the poster is just a load of gibberish.

The character in the big named monster pretty much doesn't notice getting eaten.


  • The Movie was a commercial failure initially but succeeded when the director cloned his viewers.
  • One of the characters in the movie has a shirt that says Moving Target, a possible reference to the then-unreleased episode ''moving targets.''
  • The directors name shows up as "Christopher Bingbong" AKA Bing.

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