Ew tamara1
Name: Tamara
First Appearance: Mirror Mirror
Voice Actor: Chloe Dungate

Tamara is a character from the Eddsworld episode "Mirror Mirror". She serves as a female version of Tom in an alternate universe. Although she is quite like Tom, Tamara has a brighter personality than he does. In "Mirror Mirror" Tamara is seen with the box entering her home along with Ell and Matilda.


Tamara is seen wearing a blue hoodie, much like her counterpart Tom. She has her hair done in a ponytail and has her bangs left out. Also much like Tom, her hair that is included in a ponytail spikes up. Tamara is seen to have some type of piercing on her left eyebrow. Her hair tie is also blue. She also has Tom's signature black eyes.


  • Similar to Tom, Tamara also seems to drink alcohol as seen holding a bottle of Smirnoff.

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