Tamara is the female version of Tom. She appears in Mirror Mirror, as main character, where she was voiced by Chloe Dungate. She appears also in one of Eddsworld Fan Movies, "Best of Both Worlds", again, as main character, where she was voiced by Noemie Pounder.


Tamara wears blue hoodie, like Tom. She has lightbrown hair, tied in a ponytail, at the top of head, with blue rubber band. She has also spiky hair and big black eyes, like Tom, but unlike him, she has a long bang, falling to the right side of her head and piercing in the left eyebrow and left ear. Underneath her hoodie, she wears gray t-shirt and she has navy jeans and black-white sneakers on checkered.


Tamara has the same personality as Tom, but with little difference. Among others, unlike Tom, she doesn't like normal Smirnoff, but "Smirnuff", as seen in the Mirror Mirror. It is easy to get her annoyed, which is seen, after she has reacted to Matilda's long saying word "good". She is also not very smart, as can be seen, after she bought a box with Dazeem inside, despite warnings from the Barry. She was also a bit mean, when she was laughing at the fact, that Dazeem was locked in a box.

In Best of Both Worlds, she metions that, she hate diet alcohol, but this episode isn't canonical to Eddsworld series.


  • In her world, is also a counterpart of Tomee Bear, which by the fans was named "Tamee Bear", from name Tamara.
  • Some fans have invented her cute nickname "Tammy", being short version of her name.
  • Some fans have invented also, that she has a bass called "Simon", which refers to Tom's bass - Susan.

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