Super Average Main Characters

Chris and Andy. Notice that Andy doesn't have a face on his t-shirt and Chris isn't wearing a badge and doesn't have a tear on his right trouser leg.

Super Average is a comic series that was originally meant to be a video created by Edd Gould and Thomas Ridgewell. However, due to Edd's battle with leukemia and subsequent passing, the episode was never produced. Later, the idea would resurface as it would later become a full comic series by Katey 'RED' Harding, who illustrated the Eddsworld comics starting with comic #165 up until #174.


An airplane's engines fail and burn, causing the pilot to attempt to regain control of the airplane in vain as it plummets towards the ground. As the pilot covers his eyes when he's about to crash, the plane is saved by two average-looking men, Andy and Chris, with the former using his telekinetic powers to stop the plane from crashing. Chris takes the time to order two hot dogs from a food cart directly in the plane's path. Once the two have their meal, Andy drops the plane on the hot dog cart and the man who runs it, sending them to the Mayor, who sends them out of town after Andy sneezes at a filing cabinet, sending it flying through the window and crushing a pedestrian. As Andy and Chris set out to find a new town to save, Andy complains that they'll have to wait an hour for another train, prompting Chris to grab a train that's recently left and drag it back to the boarding platform for the duo to board.


Ohshit itsandy

The original promotional picture for when it was scripted as an episode

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