The Sun Chasers of Nema were a race of aliens with purple skin, three eyes and four arms. They are apparantly well known for driving into suns for fun without realising that it will kill them.


In Space Face, Commander Bai reveals that the last time he checked, the Sun Chasers were in the same quadrant as Earth is in. A Sun Chaser is then seen driving excitedly into the sun before being incinerated from the heat, basically calling them dumb.


  • The Sun Chaser in the space ship was voiced by UkinoJoe.
    • UkinoJoe recorded his Sun Chaser voice from an iPad but the music covered it up.
    • Joe was also in one of Edd's last animations, named JukinoMoe.
  • A Sun Chaser can be heard saying "wait" moments before crashing into the sun, suggesting they realized that they were going to die.

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