Son rawson

Son Rwanson is a character who appears in part two of Hammer and Fail. He serves as a manager working for Insta-Roof.


He has brown hair and a brown mustache. He also has bags under his eyes and a cleft chin. For clothing he has a dark grey singlet, a red shirt with yellow lines and a light grey apron.


He seems to have a rather grumpy and unhelpful personality, as he wasn't willing to help out Edd and the gang get rid off the ghost in the attic. He also just stared at Tom when he got mauled by a rabid ferret, rather then helping him out. 


  • He is a parody of Ron Swanson.
  • His name tag changes from Son Rwanson and Ron Swanson each time he is on screen.

Son Rwanson also not helping a employee getting mauled by rabid ferrets.