"I'm alive...I'M ALIVE! I feel a song coming on!!" - Snowman, The Snogre

Snowman was a character from The Snogre and Christmas Eddventure.

In The Snogre, Snowman is a snowman built by Edd who then comes to life when he is soaked in the radioactive substance that dropped from the plane Paul, Patryk and Tord were in. He gets crushed by the Snogre shortly after he comes to life.

In Christmas Eddventure, Snowman appears and asks Edd and friends if they want to go on a magical musical adventure, but then gets thrown into the fireplace by General Noot Noot, disguised as Tom.

Before Snowman is killed both in The Snogre and Christmas Eddventure, he begins to sing "Magical Snowman-" and then dies.

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