Tord was turned into a zombeh in Zombeh Attack when he was bitten by one of Matt's soldiers. He rose from his grave in Zombeh Attack 2 with only one eye, and later one leg, after he chopped it off with Edd's car door where he managed to find the necronomicon so his soul could leave his body. In Zombeh Attack 3 he appeared to Edd as a skeleton to warn him about Matt's return. Zombeh Tord plays an antagonistic role in his appearance in Zombeh Attack, but in Zombeh Attack 2 and 3, he plays a protagonist role.


As a Zombeh

While fighting Matt's zombeh army, Tord was bitten and killed by a zombeh. His zombeh appeared briefly at the end of the episode, where it leaped at Edd and Tom from the back of the car.

Somewhere between Zombeh Attack and Zombeh Attack 2, he was killed and buried in the same graveyard as Matt.

Tord, as a zombeh

He rose from his grave at the beginning of Zombeh Attack 2, then went to Edd's house to try and get Edd's help to find the necronomicon. Tord threatened to Eat Edd's brains if he didnt help. When the two got in the car he accidentally slammed the car door on his leg, chopping it in half. When Tord discovered Matt was also after the necronomicon he was angred and decided he had to get there before him. But the two ran into a horde of zombehs while taking a short cut, Tord used a shotgun and managed to defeat most the zombehs, then the two decided to retreat.

When he reached the necronomicon, he discovered Matt had beaten him there but had chosen the wrong book. Tord chose the right book and his soul finally left his body and went to heaven!

As a Skeleton

At the beginning of Zombeh Attack 3, he visited Edd in the form of a skeleton wearing a tattered version of Tord's red hoodie. When he entered Edd's bedroom, the picture of him started shaking. Tord's ghost then woke Edd and told him Hargreaves has returned to spread the zombie curse, and Edd had to stop him.

Tord also visited Tom, but the sight of the skeleton in his room scared the life out of Tom, who got out his shotgun and accidentaly shot Tord's skeleton before he could say anything, killing him.

Tord's skeleton was also mentioned in WTFuture, as Tom's landlord believed the skeleton was Tom so rented the flat out to somebody else. Forcing Tom to live in Edd's house.