Shoe is one of Tord's shoes that he left behind when he moved out in 25ft Under the Seat. It had a major role in MovieMakers, as the director choosing the actors. He eventually chose Laurel after turning down Diwi and Ian because he loved Laurel's shoes.

He played the role of the president in the Space Cats movie. After the credits, Edd notices Shoe having sex with Laurel's shoes (which he had obtained after knocking Laurel unconscious). Shoe also made an appearance on a picture in Hammer & Fail (Part 1, Rival Builders).

Shoe later made a cameo in The End (Part 1) in the hall of spoils, which exhibited the treasures the gang got during the adventures they went on without Tord.


  • It was originally thought to have been Tom's shoe, but that was disproven in a tweet by TomSka.
  • In the 2004 Eddsworld Christmas Special, Tord has a shoe with similar colouring to shoe that he tosses at Loud Bob off screen, similar to how Shoe "assaulted" Matt.
    • Tom confirmed that Shoe's previous owner was Tord, however it's unknown if this is the same shoe from the Christmas special.
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One of Edd Gould's sketches with Edd, Tom, Matt and Shoe