Sheriff Thompson was a character who appears in Saloonatics. He is not to be mistaken for Tom. He was a sheriff that would soon encounter with Edward Gold. As with Tom, he was voiced by Tom Ridgewell.


Sheriff Thompson has many similarities to Tom, expect he had a long cowboy hat with a star on it. The size of the hat probably was because of his hair. Unlike Tom, Sheriff Thompson has eyes, but you can only see his right eye because his left is covered with an eyepatch.


  • It is possible that he was Tom's ancestor. The ending of the episode implies that he considered moving to England, meaning that Tom could be of American ancestry.


  • "Everybody needs a littl' something."
  • "Gun."
  • "Oh, I knew I should've nailed down those nails. They call me crazy but look what happens."
  • "On second thought, maybe London doesn't sound like a bad idea."

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