""I am Sergeant Hilarson, your senior drill instructor!""
— Hilary, introducing himself

Sergeant Hilarson (nicknamed Hilary) appeared in Moving Targets as the group's drill sergeant in the British Royal Army. He was voiced by Josh Tomar.

Hilary's Appearances

Hilary's first and only major appearance was in Moving Targets. He was the group's drill sergeant, but was very sadistic towards Edd and his friends, even going as far as to shave Tom's head due to his unusually tall haircut. He is known for his short temper, which is proved by the fact that he beat Edd whenever he tried to crack a joke. Edd insisted on calling him "Hilary", which severely aggravated Hilarson. He drilled the boys relentlessly, forcing them to do everything from scrubbing the washroom floors to throwing live grenades to flying helicopters. Despite his severe dislike for the gang, he eventually found himself to be proud of them, erroneously believing them to have become hardened warriors when in reality, they were still their old selves.

After their training, Hilarson sent the four boys off to war. Hilarson himself apparently took part in the planned attack on the enemy base. However, the four boys inadvertently fell into the base from a chopper and while fooling around with a stolen tank demolished the base. Hilarson met the boys on the battleground, quite shocked at their unlikely victory. Hilary appears at the end of PowerEdd .

Hilary is set to return in the fan-made Eddsworld: The Movie. Currently his voice actor isn't officially revealed.


  • He is mostly inspired by Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, from Full Metal Jacket.
  • Hilary's hat closely resembles the hat of a Drill Sergeant, so it can be assumed this is his rank within the army. Curiously, both the rank and the campaign hat do not feature in the British Army (the role there is usually taken up by the Sergeant Major), they are exclusive to the US Army.
  • He is the only character voiced by Josh Tomar who doesn't appear in a Christmas episode.
  • Hilarson kicked Edd twice for calling him Hilary, the second time through a roof, the lesson being don't mess with him.
  • He may have psychological problems, due to seeing the gang as veterans, when in reality, they hadn't changed at all.
  • A man resembling Hilary appears at the end of PowerEdd.