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Eddsworld's eighth season started in June 14th, 2013, and ended in March 16th 2016. It serves as the "Eddsworld: Legacy" season and is the last season with the involvement of Thomas Ridgewell.


First appearance(s)

Last appearance(s)


# # on YouTube: # on NewGrounds Title: Youtube Airdate: Newgrounds Airdate:
43 38 N/A Tom's Tales of Crazy June 14, 2013 N/A
44 39 N/A Hide and Seek December 24, 2013 N/A
45 40 ?? Fun Dead February 28, 2014 TBA
46 41 ?? PowerEdd December 31, 2014 TBA
47 42 ?? Mirror Mirror August 28th, 2015


48 44 ?? Saloonatics February 12, 2016 TBA
49 45 ?? The End (Part 1) March 9, 2016 March 16th, 2016 (FULL)
50 45 ?? The End (Part 2) March 16, 2016 March 16th, 2016 (FULL)
Tom's tales of crazy

The first episode of the season, Tom's Tales of Crazy.

Tom's Tales of Crazy

Plot: In the third installment of the Tom's Tales series, more random things happen that Tom happens to run into every time. 

Absent: Tim Hautekiet as Edd, Matt Hargreaves as Matt

Main Cast

  • Tom Ridgewell as Tom

Guest Starring

  • Edd Gould as Edd
  • Pearl Zhang (Animator)

Fun Dead

Plot: Following the events of The Snogre, Edd, Matt and Tom visit ASDFLand while remaining oblivious to yet another zombie apocalypse.

Main Cast

  • Tim Hautekiet as Edd
  • Tom Ridgewell as Tom
  • Matt Hargreaves as Matt

Guest Starring

  • Ben Rudman as Mark (No Lines)

Mirror Mirror

Plot: The gang buys a magic mirror which reveals their female counterparts.

Main Cast

  • Tim Hautekiet as Edd/Dazeem
  • Tom Ridgewell as Tom
  • Matt Hargreaves as Matt
  • Vicky Gould as Ell
  • Chloe Dungate as Tamara
  • Alice Ann Stacey as Matilda

Guest Starring

  • Eddie Bowley as Barry Black/Highsenbird


Plot: After being slammed in the face with radiation, Edd has found himself some new superpowers.

Main Cast

  • Tim Hautekiet as Edd
  • Tom Ridgewell as Tom
  • Matt Hargreaves as Matt
  • Brock Baker as Eduardo

Guest Starring

  • Ben Rudman as Mark
  • Eddie Bowley as Jon


  • This is the first full season with Tom Ridgewell and Krystal Smith as the showrunners.
  • This is the first season that contained no Newgrounds episodes until The End was released as a complete episode..
  • Tom's Tales of Crazy is the first Eddisode of the season to not completely feature Edd. He is only mentioned in the backstory of the eddisode, which is at the beginning of every Tom's Tales.
  • This was the longest running season so far, spanning three years.

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