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Eddsworld's sixth season ran from February 13, 2010 to December 22, 2010. It ran for three episodes.


Edd, Tom and Matt running from Future Edd


First appearance(s) of: Chris O'neill as Eduardo, Eddie Bowley as Jon, Bed Rudman as Mark

# # on YouTube: # on NewGrounds Title: Youtube Airdate: Newgrounds Airdate:
33 28 31 WTFuture Febuary 13, 2010 Febuary 13, 2010
34 29 32 Hammer & Fail: Rival Builders September 10, 2010 September 10, 2010
35 30 33 Zanta Claws III December 22, 2010 December 22, 2010


Plot: Edd's future self returns to the past to kill present Edd. After he chases the gang, they go into hiding at a restaurant, but he finds them. Edd soaks Future Edd with Coke and they escape. Future Edd brings back his ancestors from different periods of time, but they become shocked from the future's technology and run away in fear. Tom and Matt's future selves arrive to stop Future Edd and the battle for their time travel device begins. Matt goes back in time and becomes the creator of everything in existence.

Main cast: Edd Gould as Edd/Future Edd, Tom Ridgewell as Tom/Future Tom, Matt Hargreaves as Matt/Future Matt

Guest starring: Ross Muggridge as Customer, Ken Ashcorp as Man, Arin Hanson as Superguy, Dom Charbonneau as Hellucard, Christina Jaxxy as Waitress, Cassie Beckley as Interviewer, Tord Larsson as Tord

Special appearance(s) of: Tord Larsson as Tord

Hammer and Fail (Part 1, Rival Builders)

Plot: After realizing there isn't enough space for Matt to put his stuff in his room, Edd suggests they build an extension to their house. After learning their look-alike neighbors Eduardo, Jon and Mark did the same thing, Edd decides to compete with them and build one better than theirs.

Main cast: Edd Gould as Edd, Tom Ridgewell as Tom, Matt Hargreaves as Matt

Guest starring: Chris O'neill as Eduardo, Eddie Bowley as Jon, Ben Rudman as Mark

First appearance(s) of: Chris O'neill as Eduardo, Eddie Bowley as Jon, Bed Rudman as Mark

Zanta Claws III

Plot: Edd and Matt force Tom to stop shooting Christmas decorations and he runs away and into Zanta. Zanta suggests they join forces, but Tom throws him off and takes over his sleigh. Edd and Matt find him and Zanta joins them to stop Tom from actually destroying Christmas, with the help of the real Santa and a van that turns into a giant robot sent by the evil director. The ultimate battle for the sake of Christmas begins.

Main cast: Edd Gould as Edd, Tom Ridgewell as Tom, Matt Hargreaves as Matt

Guest starring: Josh Tomar as Zanta Claws/Santa Claus, Chris Bingham as Bing/Evil Director, Chris Diewald as Diwi


  • In WTFuture, when Future Edd goes back to the events of Zombeh Attack 1, Tord's line was originally voiced by Alex Labbe, but was changed by Tord Larsson, who has lines in the original eddisode in the second half of the episode.

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