• Tom goes into a seemingly-normal fish shop (Tom's Tales of Brilliance).
  • The gang's clones have fun in an arcade (Spares).
  • The gang gets sent off to war (Moving Targets).
  • Tord leaves Eddsworld for 8 years (25ft Under the Seat).
  • Vampire Matt prepares to suck Edd's blood (Matt Sucks).
  • Zanta Claws holds Santa hostage (Zanta Claws II).

Eddsworld's fourth season ran from February 4, 2008 to December 17, 2008. It ran for six episodes and was the last season to feature Tord as a main character. Tord Larsson's last appearance was in Moving Targets, and the character left the show in 25ft Under the Seat. Tord later returned in Season 8.


Last appearance(s) of: Tord Larsson as Tord

Absent: Edd Gould as Edd (1 episode), Matt Hargreaves as Matt (1 episode), Tord Larsson as Tord (4 episodes)

# # on YouTube: # on NewGrounds Title: Youtube Airdate: Newgrounds Airdate:
23 18 23 Tom's Tales of Brilliance Febuary 4, 2008 Febuary 4, 2008
24 19 24 Spares May 16, 2008 May 16, 2008
25 20 25 Moving Targets July 2, 2008 July 2, 2008
26 21 26 25ft Under the Seat September 28, 2008 September 27, 2008
27 22 27 Matt Sucks October 29, 2008 October 27, 2008
28 23 28 Zanta Claws II December 18, 2008 December 17, 2008

Tom's Tales of Brilliance

Plot: In the not-so-epic sequel to the not-so-epic Tom's Tales of Awesome, Tom dies, graduates and makes a crappy detective show.

Main cast: Thomas Ridgewell as Tom/Edd/Bing/Various

First appearance(s) of: Chris Bingham as Bing/The Evil Director

Absent: Tord Larsson as Tord, Matt Hargreaves as Matt


Plot: After learning that Edd, Tom, Matt and Tord were the only viewers of his movie, an evil director (Bing) uses the DNA left on their seats to create clones of them. They watch the movie, but they also go to (and set fire to) the arcade and visit the real gang's house. One of the Edd clones takes the last Coke in the fridge, much to the real Edd's anger. He kills him and the other clones go after him, but the others come with weapons and kill off the clones.

Main cast: Edd Gould as Edd/Larry, Matt Hargreaves as Matt, Tord Larsson as Tord, Thomas Ridgewell as Tom

Guest starring: Chris Bingham as Bing/The Evil Director, Dom Charbonneau as Hellucard

First appearance(s) of: Dom Charbonneau as Hellucard

Moving Targets

Plot: Needing a vacation, the gang joins the army. They meet Sgt. Hilarson, who Edd calls Hilary, much to his dismay. After going through hardcore training, Sgt. Hilarson becomes proud of them. The gang sneaks into a tank and destroys an enemy base, but are completely oblivious.

Main cast: Edd Gould as Edd, Thomas Ridgewell as Tom, Tord Larsson as Tord, Matt Hargreaves as Matt

Guest starring: Josh Tomar as Sgt. Hilarson, Paul ter Voorde as Enemy Base Guard

Last appearances(s) of: Tord Larsson as Tord (voice)

25ft Under the Seat

Plot: After Matt flushes the keys to the fridge down the toilet, Edd and the gang go down to Atlantis to go after them. They find them in a museum and are caught stealing them by guards. They realize that they are outlawed from Atlantis and after attempting escape and releasing a deadly giant squid from a tank due to Tom shattering it, they are sentenced to death by oxygen.

Main cast: Edd Gould as Edd/The King, Thomas Ridgewell as Tom, Matt Hargreaves as Matt, Tord Larsson as Tord (cameo)

Guest starring: Chris Bingham as Atlantis Guard, Chris Diewald as Frank

Last appearance(s) of: Tord Larsson as Tord (character)

Matt Sucks

Plot: Matt is bitten by a vampire and attempts to suck Edd and Tom's blood. After biting into a pile of garlic (which he mistook for Tom), Tom discovers he's a vampire. He tells Edd and they attempt to kill Matt with a stake-shooting machine gun, but end up killing themselves. An oblivious Matt walks out into the sunlight and explodes.

Main cast: Matt Hargreaves as Matt, Edd Gould as Edd, Thomas Ridgewell as Tom

Zanta Claws II

Plot: Edd and the gang learn that Zanta has returned and kidnapped Santa. They go to the North Pole to stop him. Meanwhile, Santa suggests Zanta try being nice, so he gives them what their hearts desire. Edd gets a cola-filled pool, but the cola burns his skin. Tom gets real eyes, but the sun burns them. Matt gets money, but it catches fire, which he says he did not know could happen. They confront Zanta and Tom accidentally shoots the real Santa. Before Zanta can kill Santa, Tom jumps in the way and his eyes are vaporized by the laser.

Main cast: Edd Gould as Edd, Thomas Ridgewell as Tom/Carolers, Matt Hargreaves as Matt

Guest starring: Josh Tomar as Zanta Claws/Santa Claus