• Edd, Tom and Tord deliver the Christmas presents (Christmas Special '04).
  • Matt gets his arm torn off by a Zombeh (Zombeh Attack).
  • Tom in rehab (Behind The Scenes).
  • Ash Williams prepares to blow Matt's head off with a shotgun (Halloween Short).
  • Edd learns the fate of Coca-Cola in a world where he doesn't exist (Christmas Special '05).
  • Tord laughs at Edd after the latter is hit by a snowball (Snobody).

Season 1 of Eddsworld began on December 20, 2004, and ended on December 18, 2005. It ran for seven episodes.


First appearance(s) of: Edd Gould as Edd and Zombehs, Alex L'Abbé and Thomas Ridgewell as TomAlex L'Abbé and Tord Larsson as Tord, Alex Farmer as Santa ClausMatt, Kim and Katya, Edd's Guardian Angel

Absent: Edd Gould as Edd (1 episode), Alex L'Abbé as Tord (5 episodes), Tord Larsson as Tord (3 episodes), Alex L'Abbé as Tom (6 episodes), Thomas Ridgewell as Tom (4 episodes), Matt Hargreaves as Matt (6 episodes)

# # on YouTube: # on NewGrounds Title: Youtube Airdate: Newgrounds Airdate:
01 N/A 01 Christmas Special '04 March 2, 2016 December 20, 2004
02 11 02 The Dudette Next Door June 21, 2007 September 18, 2005
03 12 03 Zombeh Attack June 28, 2007 October 4, 2005
04 N/A 04 Behind the Scenes of Eddsworld March 10, 2016 October 8, 2005
05 N/A 05 Halloween Short March 4, 2016 October 24, 2005
06 N/A 06 Christmas Special '05 March 16, 2016 December 8, 2005
07 N/A 07 Snobody March 4, 2016 December 18, 2005

Eddsworld Christmas Special 2004

Plot: Tom forgets to take the firewood out of the fireplace, causing Santa to break his leg and leaving Edd and the others to deliver the rest of the presents. But when Tord accidentally loses the list, they'll have to judge who's naughty or nice.

Main cast: Edd Gould as Edd, Alex L'Abbé as Tom/Tord, Matt Hargreaves as Matt (cameo)

Guest starring: Alex Farmer as Santa Claus/Dr. Decapi, Bendee Stick as Himself

First appearance(s) of: Alex L'Abbé as Tord

Last appearance(s) of: Bendee Stick as Himself, Alex Farmer as Dr. Decapi


  • This is the first holiday-themed Eddisode to be released.

The Dudette Next Door

Plot: A cute girl moves into Edd and Tord's neighbourhood, but they begin to compete for her affection, which could possibly end their friendship... and their lives.

Main cast: Edd Gould as Edd, Tord Larsson as Tord

First appearance(s) of: Tord Larsson as Tord

Guest starring: Rina-chan as Kim/Katya

Absent: Alex L'Abbé as Tord/Tom, Matt Hargreaves as Matt

Zombeh Attack

Plot: Edd and the gang crash their car and search for a repair kit in a zombeh-infested town. Matt gets bitten and later becomes the leader of the zombeh horde. Edd, Tom and Tord grab weapons and the battle begins.

Main cast: Edd Gould as Edd/Zombehs, Tom Ridgewell as Tom, Alex L'Abbé/Tord Larsson as Tord, Matt Hargreaves as Matt/Zombeh Matt

Last appearance(s) of: Alex L'Abbé as Tord/Tom


  • This is the last episode of the series in which Alex L'Abbé provides the voices of both Tom and Tord. As the series continues from here on in, Tord Larsson and Tom Ridgewell would voice their own characters.
  • This is the first eddisode of the series to spawn its own series of sequels (with Zombeh Attack 2 and Zombeh Attack 3).
  • This is the first eddisode in which a main character dies.

Behind the Scenes of Eddsworld

Plot: We go behind the scenes of Eddsworld and the group's secrets, addictions and other interests are revealed.

Main cast: Edd Gould as Edd, Tom Ridgewell as Tom/Announcer, Tord Larsson as Tord


  • This episode marks a rare time in the show when the characters openly acknowledge the existence of the Eddsworld series itself.

Eddsworld Christmas Special 2005

Plot: Edd is visited by an angel to be shown what the world what it would be like if he never existed. Matt would be homeless, Tom and Tord would be successful movie makers, and Coke would stop selling their delicious cola. Edd also learns that he must change his ways so the angel will get his wings and to bring himself back to his own timeline.

Main cast: Edd Gould as Edd, Tom Ridgewell as Tom, Tord Larsson as Tord, Matt Hargreaves as Matt

Guest starring: El_Shamro as the Guardian Angel, Rina-chan as Kim/Katya


Plot: As Edd and Tord have a snowball fight, Edd recalls all of his near-death experiences involving snow/ice during his life.

Main cast: Edd Gould as Edd, Tord Larsson as Tord, Tom Ridgewell as Tom

Absent: Matt Hargreaves as Matt


  • Edd Again is technically the first Eddsworld video to be released, due to it featuring both Edd and Matt. However, it is discounted due to the Eddsworld Christmas Special 2004 being the first official episode under the "Eddsworld" label.

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