Santa Claus is a recurring character in Eddsworld; having references in six of the seven Eddsworld Christmas Flashes. Santa Claus has appeared in a number of the Christmas Specials in Eddsworld.

Santa's Appearances

  • In Eddsworld Christmas Special 2004, he broke his leg, so Edd, Tom, and Tord had to finish delivering the presents. He was voiced by Alex Farmer.
  • In Christmas Visitor, the Grim Reaper knocks on the door, but because of the shape of his hood Edd assumed that he was Santa.
  • In Zanta Claws, he saved the group from Zanta Claws and gave each of them presents, including Matt's new purple hoodie.
  • In Zanta Claws II, he was kidnapped by Zanta, so Edd, Tom, and Matt had to save him. In the end, he was shot on the shoulder, but luckily didn't have any serious damage. He was saved by Tom.
  • In Xmas Day, he supposedly narrates the story.
  • In Zanta Claws III, he steps in to save Christmas yet again, though he doesn't do much to try and solve things as his sleigh is destroyed by Tom. He participated in Tom's "Christmas Demolition" rap and gives the command to blown up both Tom and Zanta.
  • In the begining of Christmas Eddventure, an injured Santa comes to the gang's house to ask them to save the north pole from the Penguins. He was subsiquently nuetralized by the sad birds. It is unknown if he was pecked to death or not.



  • In Zanta Claws III It is revealed that Zanta was the original Santa. The Santa the 2004 Christmas Special looked kind of different, but this just may be the way they were poorly drawn at the time. So it is unknown if the one in the 2004 Christmas Special is Zanta or the Current Santa. It's probably Santa, because Edd said that he though the real Santa died CENTURIES ago.

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