Sandwich is a music video made by Edd for Parry Gripp's song, Sandwich.


A man sings about how he loves his sandwich. He goes on the seesaw with it, watches a movie with it, rides a two person bicycle with it, slurps a milkshake with it, throws pebbles at a lake during sunset with it, rides a hot air balloon with it, wins a stuffed elephant at a carnival game with it, and throws his jacket on a puddle for it to walk on. At the end, he is on his knees, crying and eating the sandwich.


Sandwich, sandwich, I'm in love with you,

You've got lettuce, and tomatoes too,

Mayonnaise and cheese, you're the one for me! Whoaaah!

Sandwich, sandwich, sandwich, sandwich. Whoaah! (repeated)


  • This is one of the few Eddsworld videos where a character has a nose.
  • The man resembles Edd, because of the same hairstyle, and almost the same green sweater.
  • This is the first Eddsworld YouTube video to be uploaded in HD.
  • This is the first (and currently only) mention of a spinoff to Eddsworld called Eddtoon, possibly for shorts in the Eddsworld series.

Watch the Music Video Here