Saloonatics is an Eddisode of Eddsworld. It was released on February 12th, 2016. It is a Western-themed Eddisode. The story follows Edd and Tom trying to save Matt from bandits. It was written by Thomas Ridgewell and Eddie Bowley and animated by Studio Cacti.



On June 10th 2012, Tom stated in a live chat on Vokle that Tord may be recording some lines for a Western-style Eddisode.[2]

On June 12th 2013, Tom posted an image on the Eddsworld Twitter page of himself and co-writer Eddie Bowley up the completed script for the Eddisode.[1]

On June 21st 2013, Tom confirmed that the script for another Eddisode (PowerEdd) was also completed, and that lines are currently being recorded for both it and Saloonatics.[3]

On January 19th 2015, co-writer Eddie Bowley revealed that the Eddisode would be switching animators from Joshua "Zeurel" Palmer to Anthony "Kr3id" Price.

On April 25th 2015, the Eddsworld Tumblr showcased unfinished stills from Saloonatics, Mirror Mirror and The End. The stills show us that Eduardo and his gang are involved in the Eddisode.

On June 19th 2015, Tom revealed on the Eddsworld Tumblr that Anthony "Kr3id" Price is no longer working on Saloonatics and Studio Cacti has begun animating the Eddisode.

On January 15th 2016, it was confirmed that the Eddisode would be released in February.

On January 30th 2016, Tom confirmed the release date to be February 12th.

On February 12th 2016, the Eddisode was released.


Edd, Matt and Tom are caught in the rain, and Edd suggests they run into the museum.

Inside, Edd finds the Diary of Edward Gold, and the scene shows the year of what is believed to be 1893, in Spitbucket, USA and Edward is walking around, and finds a cowboy, who asks if he wants his "ass", to which Edd becomes confused. The cowboy then says "You can't have her!" when it was revealed that it was just a donkey (ass is another term for donkey). Then he finds a saloon, and thinks that would be the best place to start. He asks the bartender for a bear, although that was a misreading by Edd in the diary. Ed then asks the bartender for a beer, and explains that he is a detective, and is looking for (Prince Matthew) a member of the British Royal Family, who has gone missing. Then, a shadowy figure in a corner of the bar asks if "He was nailed to the floor", to which Edward replies "No". The figure then says that the prince was kidnapped, and Edd asks how he knew, to which the figure, revealed to be Sheriff Thompson, the ancestor of Tom, says "Anything not nailed down gets taken by bandits around here.", and Ed asks if the sheriff if he could help Edd, and Thompson replies "Sorry, kid, but there is enough problems around here. I ain't got time for your problems."

Edd then says that he could clean up the town, and the scene switches to the bandits Juan, Marco, and Eduardo. The prince Matthew asks the "Rapscallions" to set him free, to which Eduardo says "No way, we are going to ransom you off and make thousands. He tells his friend Juan to keep an eye on him. While taking care of a horse, he walks over to Matthew, and asks what it's like to be a prince, and Matthew replies that it's marvelous, and that ladies love a prince, to which Juan says that he likes ladies, and that he wishes them to like him, to which the prince sees the keys to the cage he's in, and offers to teach Juan how to be a prince. The scene switches to Edward and Thompson, and Thompson is teaching Edd how to be a sheriff. "Step one, if you're going to clean up a town, you're gonna need one of these," and the sheriff gives Edd a revolver. Edd points it, and Thompson says that before he shoots it, to give it a name first.

Ed says he'll call him Brian, and the sheriff insists that it be a girl's name, to which Edward asks Thompson's gun's name. The sheriff tells him "Gun", and drinks a flask of whisky, and shoots at some nearby bottles, hitting all of them. Ed then starts to shoot at the bottles, but misses all shots, and a yell is heard from a distance, "Ah! My knee! My favorite knee!" A man runs up to the two, and says that the bank is being robbed. Ed walks in heroically, but at that moment, the bandits start firing at his hat, and the hat becomes obliterated.

Afterwards, a montage is shown, involving a bandit running away with a a baby, with a girl behind him, and Edd accidentally ropes the girl up, instead of the bandit. Then, a group playing cards is shown, and a man, so enraged, pulls out a gun and points it at one of them. Edward walks in, inaudibly shouts "Stop", and bullets fly. Then a woman tied on a train track, is almost saved by Edd, when he pulls a lever to reverse the tracks, although he thinks the train will stop, a train flies by, smashing the woman, and slamming into the train. Then a Wanted sign is being viewed by Edd, and he doesn't see the rest when a man, seemingly fitting the description, walks by, and Edward attempts to arrest him, but Sheriff Thompson grabs him, shows him the entire sign, and the scene changes. A dog is stuck in a tree, and a girl is asking him to get it, but Thompson holds him back, the girl and the dog reveal themselves to be bandits, and bullets fly again, while the scene is changed again.

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Eddsworld - Saloonatics

Eddsworld - Saloonatics

Episode Origin

What became Saloonatics started out as one of the last episode ideas Edd Gould came up with. One month before Edd's death in 2012, Edd held a one hour Vokle livestream where he revealed he was planning on an episode about Edd, Matt and Tom's ancestors once Space Face was finished. At the time, it was a rough idea and no animation or script had been finished yet. Tom later found this idea in one of Edd's old sketchbooks as a basic concept for a potential Episode. With it were several titles including: Clint Eddswood, Fists Full of Stupid, Falming Saddles, Failblazers , Fool's Gold and Saloonatics. Tom decided on Saloonatics as the episide's final name.



Eddsworld: Saloonatics was received with mixed reviews by fans. It was mainly criticised for its animation style, which led to numerous flame wars in the video's comment section.

On the absence of Tord

It was stated that Tord Larsson was planned to provide a voice, but does not in the final Eddisode. It is very likely he was originally supposed to voice the bartender, Todd, but was replaced by Jamie Spicer-Lewis for unknown reasons (likely because he plays Tord in The End). This is evidenced as his design closely resembles Tord (even dressed in dark red). This would fit as the rest of the Western versions of the main trio's names are slight variations of their regular ones.

Todd's relation to Tord was even more apparent in Kreid's animatic, with one keyframe showing his hair flicking upwards, causing him to look exactly like his possible descendant, and that Jamie Spicer-Lewis also voiced Tord in The End. This also includes the fact that Matt also called him "Todd" in The End.

It turns out he couldn't do any voice acting for both of these episodes because Tom has recently stated that it has been 8 years since he's had any contact with him.

It was confirmed on Pearl Zhang's twitter that Todd was in fact an ancestor to Tord. Todd's color reference file was also titled "tord_COL".


  • This is the first Eddisode released in 2016.
  • Over its 4 year development, the Eddisode's animation has shifted between several people. The Eddisode was originally being animated by Joshua "Zeurel" Palmer but he became too busy and was unable to continue the project. Animation of the Eddisode was then handed over to Anthony 'Kreid' Price who previously animated PowerEdd. Then, on June 19th, 2015, it was announced on the Eddsworld Tumblr he was no longer animating the Eddisode, and the task was handed over to the animation team StudioCacti.
    • Using this logic, the final version of the Eddisode was animated in under a year.
  • This is the third episode to animated by more than one person, the first being The Dudette Next Door and the second being Space Face Part 1.
  • The opening of the Eddisode has the trio in the rain, a possible call-back to WTFuture's opening scene.
  • When beginning to read the diary, Edd is cut off by the sound of horses before he can finish stating the year it takes place. Another nod to a similar gag from WTFuture, where a bus cuts off Future Edd before he can finish his sentence..
  • The name of Edd's ancestor(?), Edward Gold, is a pun on Edward Gould, the name of the show's creator and Edd's real life counterpart/former voice actor.
  • When Edward drinks the Cola bottle during the standoff with Eduardo's gang, there is a poorly-drawn horse in front of Fort Provoking.
    • The horse was drawn by Tom himself for a storyboard, and Eddie Bowley requested the animator Pearl to add the drawing in the Eddisode.[2]
  • The design of the Cola bottle seen in the Eddisode is similar to the "Hutchinson bottle" design used back in the 1880's, which fits the Eddisode's setting.
  • This Eddisode was criticized for its animation style, mostly the frame rate.
    • Thomas Ridgewell has acknowledged the criticism in an interview with a creator for Eddsworld: The Movie, but then claims that this episode was his favorite when it came to storytelling.
  • The horse scene may well be a reference to a video by Jonti Picking (Weebl), a friend of the crew's, titled "Amazing Horse".
    • Picking even provided his voice to the horse rider.
  • The two girls Prince Matthew boasts to at the end of the Eddisode may be referencing Bratty and Catty from the game Undertale, as both characters have similar hair, teeth and expression while laughing.
    • However, Kreid's animatic had intended them to be donators.
  • One strange thing about the episode is that Sheriff Thompson, who is heavily implied to be Tom`s ancestor, seems to have eye(s) while Tom lacks them.
    • However, Tom's lack of eyes is shown through Thompson in another way, as Thompson wears an eyepatch over his left eye. The reason for the eyepatch, however, is not known.
    • The storyboards by kreid, before he left the project, show that Thomson's hair would have covered his right eye for most of the episode to keep in touch with Tom's lack of eyes, but that edition was omitted in the final version.
  • During the scene when Edward drinks the Cola for the second time to beat the bandits, everything becomes slow, and points "X"s on the body parts of each bandit. This is a reference to the Dead Eye mechanic from the game Red Dead Redemption.
    • When the captions are turned on, they admitted that it is a reference to the game.
  • In the bathroom, there is a skeleton hand sticking out of the drain of the sink, which could possibly be the plumber's hand from 25ft Under the Seat.
  • When Edward asked for a beer, he first gets a bear, confusing Edd. In Dutch, bear is spelled 'Beer', and the Dutch are known for their beer breweries, hence the translation/spelling error told in the diary.
  • In the same scene, if you turn captions on, it reads "Roar & The Best Scream Ever"
  • The poorly-drawn picture of Paul is one of the paintings seen in the museum.
  • Sheriff Thompson stated that the name of his gun is "Gun", which is actually a feminine form of the masculine name Gunne, meaning 'war'.
    • This may also be a reference to Tom naming his bass guitar Susan.
  • When Edward is running after drinking the Cola for the first time, he is shown to be in resemblance to Sonic The Hedgehog when he runs.
  • During the cleanup scene, one of the bandits has hair resembling that of Patryck's.
  • The opening theme for this eddisode is "New Way Out" by Neil Cicierega and his music group Lemon Demon.
  • At 8:34, a man in the background is seen reading a newspaper. This man resembles Todd.
Bratty and Catty in Saloonatics

220x220pxThe man in the background with the newspaper while Matthew is flattering Bratty and Catty has been speculated to be Todd


You can view the episode's transcript here.


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  1. Twitter: On June 21st, Tom tweeted via the Eddsworld Twitter account that the script for this Eddisode is completed and that they are being recorded now.[1]