Ringo is Edd's pet cat. She is a small tabby cat with grey fur and black stripes. Ringo is generally depicted as having a friendly demeanour and is very docile, especially around Edd.


Ringo's first appearance was in Edd Again. She was sitting outside the glass doors in Edd's front room, waiting to be let in. She proceeded to follow Edd up the stairs and into his room, where she slept on a pile of Edd's clothes. She was dreaming about sitting outside in the cold until Edd opened the glass doors and let her in.

Ringo was mentioned briefly at the end of 25ft Under the Seat when Tom apologizes for "breaking" Edd's cat. When he realizes they weren't going to die, he retracts the apology.

Ringo makes an appearance in The Snogre, she can be seen near one of Matt's snowmen.

Ringo reappeared in Fun Dead at the start of the episode, while Edd, Tom, and Matt are watching TV.

Ringo is seen in Mirror Mirror, entering the cat flap when Edd destroys the door with his newly-bought sword.

Ringo appears again in The End Part 1, where she is being held by Edd when Tord asked what happened to the chairs, and seen again twice in the montage, being held by Edd, as one of the space cats, and in the garbage disposal bay, again held by Edd, when Tord launches the group into space.

Ringo later appears in the final scene of The End (Part 2) sitting on Edd's lap while the gang watches "Return of the Insane Zombie Pirates from Hell 5", somehow having survived the destruction of the house by Tord's robot.



  • Ringo has green eyes, as seen in "Ringo Rock".
  • Ringo is named after Ringo Starr, who was the drummer for The Beatles.


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