Red leader

The Red Leader's insignia, as shown in The Snogre, Fun Dead, and The End.

The Red Leader is an enigmatic character in the Eddsworld mythos.

He has never had a spoken role or even has been seen once throughout Eddsworld, but rather is referenced through various Eddisodes starting with WTFuture.

If The End is to be believed, Tord assumed the codename of "Red Leader" even before he left the group and signed up for the military.

References in Eddisodes

WTFuture (First "Appearance")

Red Leader is mentioned by Future Tom when him and Future Matt return to the present to stop Future Edd. He is said to have built the two time machines that are featured in the episode.

The Snogre (Second "Appearance")

The supposed logo of Red Leader appears on the tail of the plane driven by Paul & Patryk right next to the word "N0R5K1" which further ties Red Leader to actually being Tord. It also suggests he is the third person who jumps out of the plane when it crashes into the "cloudberg".

Fun Dead (Third "Appearance")

The Red Leader logo appears once again written in blood on an Arcade machine next to a seemingly dead Patryk. And, if he is Tord, his silhouette appears during the news broadcast at the beginning of the episode along with Paul and Patryk.

The End (Fourth "Appearance", first physical appearance)

The Red Leader logo appears for a second on the underside of Tord's second couch capsule. This confirms that the symbol does in fact belong to Tord. Part 2 confirms that he is connected to the Red Leader, as the logo appears in the cockpit of the giant robot and beside the lever to his hideout.


  • Thomas Ridgewell has stated that he intends to reveal the truth behind Red Leader's identity; however it will be outside of Eddsworld due to his departure from the show.

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