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PVT Brains Fun Dead

Private Brains as she appears in Fun Dead.

Private Brains was a young woman who was killed in the zombeh outbreak, and resurrected as a mindless zombie. Private Brains was a nickname given to her by Matt, and her real name is yet to be revealed. In Zombeh Attack 3, She appears to be "recruiting" as a soldier in Matt's army. Matt agrees to let her enlist, and suggests she gets a haircut with highlights. When she and her pack move in to attack Tom and Edd , She was most likely killed by either Tom's shovel or Edd's Shotgun (Originally owned by Tord). Before she died, she and a fellow Zombeh managed to bite Tom and Edd, which would later infect them. She appeared again in Fun Dead, being shot by Paul, Patryck or Tord.


"Braaaaaiiiiinnnsss..." Talking to General Matt.


  • It is rumored among fans that Private Brains will appear in future Eddsworld animations.
    • This rumor was proven true by Fun Dead.
  • When Matt tells her to live up to her name, he meant she needed to get a brain.
  • Private Brains is one of the few Zombehs to play a minor role, rather than the role of a background character, with no significance.
  • A little after when Matt tells Private Brains to get a haircut with highlights, she is seen walking with a haircut with pink highlights when Matt is getting his skeleton arm.