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Punchd titlecard

Today on Punch'd...

Created by

Edd Gould

Voiced by

Andy Eaton

Music by of your guitar

Preceded by

Edd Again

Succeeded by

When the Best of the Worst Collide

Punch'd is a pre-Eddsworld short featuring Edd and released on September 22, 2004. It is a parody of the show Punk'd. In the video, Edd decides to punch Ashton Kutcher (presenter of Punk'd) by having him ambushed by ninjas in an alleyway, which pays off. He uses the same method on Peter Andre, but ends up killing him by accident. 


  • Peter Andre gets killed by ninjas.


  • Ashton Kutcher gets punched by Edd.


  • Edd's method of punching both celebrities is just sneaking in ninjas, who ambush both celebrities.
  • This is Edd's first animation with voice acting, as his first 2 only had music.

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