Ian 'Psycosis91' Kelly

Psycosis is the Eddsworld game programmer.


Ian Kelly

Hair Color


Hoodie Color


First Appearance

Zombeh Attack 2


"You have to help me... there are zombies everywhe-" (gets eaten)

Ian Kelly (aka Psycosis91) is the game programmer for Edd's flash games.

Games Programmed and Appearances in Flashes

  • Psycosis appeared in Edd's flash, Zombeh Attack 2, as a passer-by who requests Tom's help to survive the zombeh hoarde. However, he is quickly eaten by Zombeh Matt.
  • Psycosis's first game collaboration with Eddsworld was Not-So-Special-Stage, which was a parody of the special stages in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • He also programmed Edd's latest game, Bang, Boom, Splat!, a shooting game. This was the game with the most variety. ( On Level 8 there is grafitti on the wall that says "Psycosis is a fag")
  • He is planned to make a Mystery Game with Edd and TheWaves for the Power of Three event on Newgrounds.
  • He appeared in Spares as a passer-by. Bing and Larry asked him if he saw the clones (asking them if he saw a large group of identical looking people). Misunderstanding the question, he showed them a twin convention.

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