Professor Why is a show that Edd, Tom and Matt watch. The show only appears in Hide and Seek


and Fun Dead. It is a parody of Dr Who.


The show only appears in Fun Dead and Hide and Seek. In Fun Dead, it only appears for a moment with the tardis from Dr Who spinning around and we hear a voice saying "I'm Professor Why!!" But is cut off as Edd changes the channel. Fun dead is the only episode that has footage of the show, while in Hide in Seek, we hear a lot more of the show, but we don't see any footage.


The show follows Professor Why and another person on adventures. It's about Professor Why, and how he keeps fixing problems because of certain objects which are "magical". He is also magical, which annoys the other person in the show, and the viewers being Tom and Edd in Hide and Seek. Tom concludes the show perfectly with: "Yea, this show sucks."